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A French-named yet Japanese rock act, L'Arc-en-Ciel came together in 1991, formed by bassist Tetsuya Ogawa. The original lineup went astray with two members departing in 1992, but Ogawa (aka Tetsu) was able to rope in new members and continue the band. The band released their full-length debut in April 1993. Entitled Dune, the album reached number one on the independent charts and helped get them a major-label deal with Sony in 1994. In addition to stepping up to the majors, 1994 also saw the band release its second album, Tierra. With momentum in their favor, L'Arc-en-Ciel released their next two albums in as many years, 1995's Heavenly and 1996's True. A 1997 drug bust involving drummer Sakura created a sales backlash against the band, and L'Arc-en-Ciel took a break from the spotlight. With new drummer Yukihiro in tow, the band made a successful comeback with a sellout show in Tokyo later in 1997. The band, back to full strength, returned to the forefront with 1998 album release Heart. A new high-water mark was hit when, in 1999, two L'Arc-en-Ciel albums hit the streets on the same day: Ark and Ray, which occupied the top two spots on the album chart upon their release. 2000's Real would be the band's cue to take a much needed break, with members going off and exploring solo projects and remix work. The band returned in 2003, and by 2004 found themselves at their first North American gig, at a Baltimore anime convention. The American show was eventually released on DVD, and the band went on to sign a U.S. deal with HMV in 2007. While 2005 saw the release of the album Awake and its subsequent tour, L'Arc-en-Ciel went back on hiatus for two years, with members again focusing on solo aspirations. L'Arc-en-Ciel regrouped in 2007, released the album Kiss, and began a tour that was to last from December of that year to February 2008. ~ Chris True
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  1.   Song
  2.   Time Goes On
  3.   Feeling Fine
  4.   Revelation
  5.   Spirit Dreams Inside
  6.   Lost Heaven
  7.   Killing Me
  8.   Lover Boy
  9.   Twinkle, Twinkle
  10.   Forever (Eien)
  11.   New World
  12.   Kiss (Kuchizuke)
  13.   My Dear
  14.   Trust
  15.   Living in Your Eyes (Hitomi No Jyunin)
  16.   Coming Closer
  17.   The Black Rose by Arc en Ciel Musica
  18.   Ready Steady Go
  19.   Blurry Eyes
  20.   Birth!
  21.   Ushinawareta Nagame
  22.   Shine
  23.   Driver's High
  24.   Taste of Love
  25.   Fate
  26.   Niji
  27.   Lies and Truth
  28.   Kasou
  29.   Anemone
  30.   Butterfly's Sleep
  31.   Forbidden Lover
  32.   Love Flies
  33.   As One
  34.   [Untranslated]
  35.   Neo Universe
  36.   Stay Away
  37.   Snow Drop by Arc en Ciel Musica
  38.   Pieces
  39.   Entichers
  40.   Nexus 4
  41.   Bless
  42.   drink it down
  43.   Caress of Venus
  44.   I Wish
  45.   Dearest Love
  46.   L' Heure by Arc en Ciel Musica
  47.   What Is Love
  48.   Time Slip
  49.   The Nepenthes
  50.   Anata
  51.   Alone en La Vida by Arc en Ciel Musica
  52.   Ophella
  53.   Flower
  54.   Dive to Blue
  55.   Shout at the Devil
  56.   Winter Fall
  57.   Ibara No Namida
  58.   Floods of Tears
  59.   Shutting from the Sky
  60.   Fare Well
  61.   Good-Morning Hide
  62.   Kaze Ni Kienaide
  63.   Trick by Arc en Ciel Musica
  64.   Lose Control by Arc en Ciel Musica
  65.   It's the End by Arc en Ciel Musica
  66.   Perfect Blue
  67.   Cradle
  68.   All Year Around Falling in Love
  69.   A Silent Letter
  70.   Route 666
  71.   Finale
  72.   Get out from the Shell
  73.   Loreley
  74.   Spiral by Arc en Ciel Musica
  75.   Pretty Girl by Arc en Ciel Musica
  76.   Existence
  77.   Heaven's Drive
  78.   Sell My Soul by Arc en Ciel Musica
  79.   Honey
  80.   Shi No Hai
  81.   As If in a Dream
  82.   Be Destined
  83.   Dune
  84.   I Love Rock'n Roll
  85.   Round and Round
  86.   Larva
  87.   Bravery
  88.   Spirit Dreams Inside (from Final Fantasy)~Spirit Dreams Inside
  89.   Milky Way
  90.   Promised Land
  91.   Singin' In the Rain
  92.   Hurry Xmas by Arc en Ciel Musica
  93.   The Silver Shining by Arc en Ciel Musica
  94.   Seventh Heaven by Arc en Ciel Musica
  95.   Tsuioku no Jyokei
  96.   Voice
  97.   The Fourth Avenue Cafe