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Laura Marling

Singer/songwriter Laura Marling was only 16 years old when she emerged on the British indie scene in 2007 thanks to a handful of infectious singles made available on her MySpace profile. Endowed with a husky voice, an acoustic guitar, and a gift for building quirky, hooky folk songs (characteristics that find her compared favorably to artists like Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, and Martha Wainwright), Marling quickly made a name for herself throughout England thanks to a heavy touring schedule and a few high-profile gigs, not the least of which included an appearance at the 2006 City Showcase: Spotlight London and as the opening act for Jamie T. Although she was still without a label one year later, her debut EP, My Manic and I, was slated for independent release in the late fall of 2007. This status didn't last for long, however, because in early 2008, signed to Virgin, Marling issued Alas I Cannot Swim, which also came as part of a multimedia Songbox package. In 2010, Marling released her sophomore album, I Speak Because I Can, which debuted at number three on the U.K. albums chart and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Marling completed a working holiday tour of the U.S. in 2012, where she played a host of solo shows as she traveled through the States, and announced her fourth album, Once I Was an Eagle, while in California. The record appeared a year later and was her third to be nominated for the coveted Mercury Prize. Following the album's release, Marling relocated to L.A. in a bid to settle in one place after moving multiple times while releasing four albums in five years, each with accompanying tours. Plans for a fifth release were initially shelved in early 2013, but by 2014 Marling had completed new material and returned to London to record the album. The resulting Short Movie arrived in spring 2015. Just as Short Movie introduced a heavier sound via the addition of electric guitar, Marling further distanced herself from her folk beginnings on her sixth studio album. Semper Femina, her sixth LP, was co-produced by Blake Mills and released in early 2017 on Marling's own More Alarming label. The album featured a darker, smokier vibe than her previous efforts. ~ Margaret Reges & Scott Kerr
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Laura Marling

Top Songs by
Laura Marling

  1.   Song
  2.   Rambling Man
  3.   Sophia
  4.   Where Can I Go?
  5.   Night Terror
  6.   Ghosts
  7.   Devil's Spoke
  8.   The Muse
  9.   The Captain and the Hourglass
  10.   All My Rage
  11.   I Speak Because I Can
  12.   Master Hunter
  13.   Soothing
  14.   Wild Fire
  15.   Blackberry Stone
  16.   What He Wrote
  17.   Shine
  18.   False Hope
  19.   Undine
  20.   Devil's Resting Place
  21.   Alpha Shallows
  22.   Made By Maid
  23.   I Feel Your Love
  24.   Wild Once
  25.   My Manic and I
  26.   Salinas
  27.   Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)
  28.   Nouel
  29.   The Valley
  30.   Always This Way
  31.   Old Stone
  32.   Nothing, Not Nearly
  33.   Next Time
  34.   Don't Pass Me By
  35.   Daisy
  36.   David
  37.   Worship Me
  38.   Short Movie
  39.   Howl
  40.   How Can I
  41.   Divine
  42.   Gurdjieff's Daughter
  43.   Easy
  44.   Don't Let Me Bring You Down
  45.   Strange
  46.   Walk Alone
  47.   Warrior
  48.   Saved These Words
  49.   Pray for Me
  50.   Once
  51.   Little Love Caster
  52.   Breathe
  53.   I Was an Eagle
  54.   Rest in Bed
  55.   The Beast
  56.   Rest in the Bed
  57.   Night After Night
  58.   My Friends
  59.   I Was Just a Card
  60.   Don't Ask Me Why
  61.   Tap at My Window
  62.   Failure
  63.   You're No God
  64.   Cross Your Fingers
  65.   Crawled out of the Sea (Interlude)
  66.   Your Only Doll (Dora)
  67.   Hope In The Air
  68.   Darkness Descends
  69.   Little Bird
  70.   Love Be Brave
  71.   When Were You Happy? (And How Long Has That Been)
  72.   Interlude
  73.   Take the Night Off
  74.   Typical
  75.   New Romantic
  76.   Mama How Far I’ve Come
  77.   Devil's Spoke/Sneh Ko Marg
  78.   Mehendi Rachi
  79.   To Darkness/Kripa
  80.   The Needle And The Damage Done
  81.   You Know
  82.   Bonny Portmore

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