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Les Savy Fav

Playing sharp but engaging post-hardcore with complex melodic lines, edgy guitar figures, and plenty of eccentric wit (their name, for instance, sounds French, but doesn't mean anything), Les Savy Fav were formed in 1995 by five friends attending the Rhode Island School of Design. Vocalist Tim Harrington, guitarists Seth Thom Jabour and Gibb Slife, bassist Syd Butler, and drummer Patrick Mahoney began making music together during downtime from their studies, and they spent two years playing clubs along the East Coast before their reputation spread to Seattle, where Sub Pop Records invited the band to record a single. "Rodeo" b/w "Blackouts on Thursday" was released in the fall of 1997, and by the end of the year, the band completed a full-length album, 3/5, released by the independent Self-Starter Foundation label. Les Savy Fav's live shows drew growing audiences, thanks to their striking music and Harrington's over-the-top stage antics, which sometimes included remarkable costumes and friendly invasion of the audience's space. For their second full-length effort, 1999's The Cat and the Cobra, the group opted to release their album through Frenchkiss Records, an independent label formed by bassist Butler. The second album also featured a new drummer, Harrison Haynes, who replaced Mahoney. In 2000, Les Savy Fav shrunk from a quintet to a quartet with the departure of guitarist Slife, and Go Forth, released in the fall of 2001, was their first full-length effort as a four-piece, following the well-received EP Emor: Rome Upside Down. In 2004, Les Savy Fav collected a number of their small-label singles on a compilation called Inches, and they maintained an increasingly busy schedule as a live act, busy enough that it was becoming difficult for Harrington, who was raising a family with his wife, and Butler, whose Frenchkiss label was enjoying success with the Hold Steady, Passion Pit, Local Natives, and many more. In 2005, Les Savy Fav announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus, but their sabbatical didn't last very long. By late 2006, the band reconvened to begin recording a new album, and in May 2007 they returned to the stage at the British All Tomorrow's Parties festival. Let's Stay Friends was released by Frenchkiss in the fall of 2007, and received enthusiastic reviews; it also found the band welcoming a new guitarist, Andrew Reuland, and working with a number of guest musicians, including Toko Yasuda of Enon and Blonde Redhead, Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces, and comedian and percussionist Fred Armisen. Les Savy Fav documented their strength as a live act with the digital-only concert LP After the Balls Drop (recorded at a New Year's Eve show that rang in 2008), and in the summer of 2010, they issued their fifth full-length studio album, Root for Ruin. ~ Mark Deming
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Les Savy Fav

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Les Savy Fav

  1.   Song
  2.   Let's Get Out of Here
  3.   What Would Wolves Do?
  4.   Reprobates Resume
  5.   Meet Me in the Dollar Bin
  6.   Adopduction
  7.   The Equestrian
  8.   Who Rocks the Party
  9.   Patty Lee
  10.   The Sweat Descends
  11.   The Year Before the Year 2000
  12.   Dishonest Don, Pt. 2
  13.   Rodeo
  14.   The End
  15.   One Way Widow
  16.   Obsessed With the Excess
  17.   Daily Dares
  18.   One to Three
  19.   Yawn, Yawn, Yawn
  20.   Clear Spirits
  21.   Dear Crutches
  22.   Rome
  23.   Sleepless in Silver Lake
  24.   Blackouts on Thursday
  25.   Hold On to Your Genre
  26.   Tragic Monsters
  27.   The Slip
  28.   Disco Drive
  29.   Lips N' Stuff
  30.   Dishonest Don, Pt. 1
  31.   High and Unhinged
  32.   Dirty Knails
  33.   The Orchard
  34.   Poltergeist
  35.   Slugs in the Shrubs
  36.   Scotchgard the Credit Card
  37.   Pots & Pans
  38.   Raging in the Plague Age
  39.   Our Coastal Hymn
  40.   Bringing Us Down
  41.   Hello Halo, Goodbye Glands
  42.   Pills
  43.   Crawling Can Be Beautiful
  44.   No Sleeves
  45.   Reformat
  46.   This Incentive
  47.   Calm Down
  48.   We'll Make a Lover of You
  49.   Roadside Memorial
  50.   Brace Yourself
  51.   Fading Vibes
  52.   Bloom on Demand
  53.   Knowing How the World Works
  54.   Comes & Goes
  55.   Appetites
  56.   We've Got Boxes
  57.   Excess Energies
  58.   Wake Up!
  59.   Titan
  60.   [Untitled Track]
  61.   The Lowest Bitter
  62.   Kiss Kiss Is Getting Old
  63.   Intro
  64.   New Teen Anthem
  65.   Cut It Out
  66.   Pluto
  67.   Cassolette
  68.   Scout's Honor
  69.   Je Taime
  70.   Raise Buildings
  71.   Blackouts
  72.   False Starts
  73.   I.C. Timer
  74.   Asleepers Union
  75.   In These Woods
  76.   Hide Me from Next February
  77.   DVD
  78.   Hit by a Train
  79.   Hit by a Car
  80.   When You Wake Up a Snake
  81.   Precision Auto
  82.   Brace Yourself
  83.   Comes and Goes
  84.   Kiss Kiss Is Getting Old
  85.   Raging in the Plague Age
  86.   Scotchguard the Credit Card
  87.   Slugs in the Shrubs
  88.   The Lowest Bitter

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