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Life of Agony

Brooklyn, NY's Life of Agony formed in 1989. Singer Keith Caputo, guitarist Joey Z., and bassist Alan Robert played the New York underground scene with several different drummers. They perfected their angst-filled hardcore/heavy metal hybrid along the way, obtaining a devoted audience in the process. On the eve of signing with Roadrunner Records, the band enlisted former Type O Negative drummer Sal Abruscato as a permanent member. The resulting album, River Runs Red, was similar to their stage show at the time -- straight-up energy and aggression in a hardcore/thrash format, with shards of heavy metal cutting through at times, and the group toured extensively upon its release. Once the tour was completed, LOA went directly back into the studio to work on their next album, 1995's Ugly, which signaled a complete overhauling of the band's signature heavy-duty sound. The album resembled the sounds of the alternative stars of the day, especially Stone Temple Pilots, and it wasn't greeted favorably by the record-buying public. LOA were still able to retain their audience, and the resulting tour was a success, as they opened for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Type O Negative, and Anthrax. Drummer Abruscato exited the band after the tour, and was replaced by ex-Pro Pain/Crumbsuckers drummer Dan Richardson. Their next release, 1997's Soul Searching Sun, followed essentially the same formula as its predecessor, and was again met by a varied response. Keith Caputo left the group before the tour, letting the members know that his heart was no longer in the music. The other bandmembers were crushed, but because of their commitments they needed to fill the spot immediately. At an Anthrax show a few years before, former Ugly Kid Joe vocalist Whitfield Crane had told Joey Z. about his desire to play heavier music, so LOA's manager spoke to Crane and he jumped at the chance. The new lineup had only a week to rehearse, and the bandmembers barely knew Crane when they let him join. Once the tour ended, they went back to the studio to record, only to realize that they no longer wanted to continue as Life of Agony without Caputo. They flirted with the idea of Robert singing with Stuck Mojo bassist Corey Lowery filling his spot, but the lineup was doomed from the start and the band officially disbanded in April of 1999. That was the final word on Life of Agony until 2003, when the original lineup reunited for two shows. The reunion led to a live album (River Runs Again) as well as the studio effort Broken Valley, issued through Epic Records in June 2005. In 2009, Life Of Agony performed their debut album, River Runs Red, in its entirety as well as other material in front of a sold out house in Brussels, Belgium. They recorded and filmed (via a ten camera shoot) the proceeding. In 2010, I Scream Records released the CD/DVD package, 20 Years Strong: River Runs Red, Live in Brussels. ~ Greg Prato
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Life of Agony

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Life of Agony

  1.   Song
  2.   Underground
  3.   Through and Through
  4.   My Eyes
  5.   This Time
  6.   Weeds
  7.   Lost at 22
  8.   Other Side of the River
  9.   Fake
  10.   Monday
  11.   Lead You Astray
  12.   Room 244
  13.   Broken Valley
  14.   No One Survives
  15.   Don't Bother
  16.   Last Cigarette
  17.   How It Would Be '97
  18.   March of the S.O.D./Sargent "D"
  19.   Here I Am, Here I Stay
  20.   Damned If I Do
  21.   I Regret
  22.   Heroin Dreams
  23.   Neg
  24.   Tangerine
  25.   Gently Sentimental
  26.   Hope
  27.   The Stain Remains
  28.   River Runs Red
  29.   Junk Sick
  30.   Strung Out
  31.   Introduction
  32.   Redemption Song
  33.   How It Would Be
  34.   Ugly
  35.   Seasons
  36.   Whispers
  37.   None
  38.   Led You Astray
  39.   My Mind Is Dangerous
  40.   Words and Music
  41.   Respect
  42.   Wicked Ways
  43.   Were What I Say
  44.   Consequence (Among Thieves)
  45.   Coffee Break
  46.   Dancing With the Devil " "
  47.   3 Companions
  48.   Depression
  49.   Fears
  50.   Drained
  51.   Let's Pretend
  52.   Don't You (Forget About Me)
  53.   Desire
  54.   Hemophiliac in Me
  55.   Angry Tree
  56.   Friday
  57.   Thursday
  58.   Bad Seed
  59.   Method of Groove
  60.   Plexiglass Gate
  61.   Unstable
  62.   Drowning
  63.   Step Aside
  64.   Colorblind
  65.   Honeycomb
  66.   Love to Let You Down
  67.   Calm That Disturbs You
  68.   Justified
  69.   The Day He Died
  70.   Lost At
  71.   Consequence by Among Thieves
  72.   Were What I Say by Keith Caputo
  73.   (Untitled)
  74.   (Untitled)
  75.   (Untitled)
  76.   Documentary
  77.   DNR

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