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Formed in 1980 by Dennis Stratton (guitar) on his exit from Iron Maiden, he was joined in this crusade by vocalist Jess Cox (b. England, ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang), Frank Noon (Next Band/ Def Leppard) on drums, Steve Mann (Liar) on guitar and Rocky Newton (Wildfire) on bass. They made their highly impressive debut one Saturday night at the Marquee, London, but suffered from bad press thanks to criticism of Cox. This led to the cancellation of the next two appearances and saw Cox replaced by Reuben Archer (Lautrec). Noon quit in 1981 to join Paul Di’Anno’s band before setting off for Waysted. The nucleus of Stratton, Mann and Newton continued with various line-ups that included drummers Les Binks (Judas Priest) and Clive Edwards (Grand Prix). In 1982 they signed to Heavy Metal Records but only managed to release one track, on the Heavy Metal Heroes, Vol. 2 compilation. That track, ‘Lionheart’, remains the only representative recording of their early sound, as they later changed their style significantly. With the addition of Chad Brown on vocals and session drummer Robert Jenkins, they went on to record an album with producer Kevin Beamish (REO Speedwagon). This was a slick, Americanized effort that failed to capture the old fans’ interest or that of their target audience in the USA. In 1985 the band continued with drummer Andy Bierne and Phil Lanzon (keyboards), who had been playing with re-formed glam rockers Sweet. After a while, Lanzon also left and was replaced by Steve Mann from Stratus and new vocalist Keith Murrell. They eventually split up in 1986, with Bierne going into management, Murrell to Mama’s Boys and Newton and Mann joining MSG. Stratton later found fame in Japan as part of the British All Stars/ Praying Mantis line-up, which featured a number of ex-New Wave Of British Heavy Metal musicians.
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  2.   The Desired: IV. Blow Thi Horne Hunter
  3.   Concrete
  4.   Virtutum Thronus Frangitur
  5.   The Unfathomable: A robyn, gentyl robyn
  6.   This Means War
  7.   Never Break
  8.   Keep Talkin'
  9.   Hail Mary
  10.   New Enemies
  11.   John the Revelator, a mass for 6 voices, string quartet & organ~Agnus Dei by Phil Kline
  12.   Relentless
  13.   I'm Already Dead
  14.   The Maternal: Quid petis o fili?
  15.   Hard Times
  16.   Te Sanctum Dominum
  17.   Don't Speak My Name
  18.   Better Days
  19.   LHHC
  20.   Love Don't Live Here
  21.   The Beloved: I. Quam Pulcra Es
  22.   Breves Dies Hominis
  23.   The Hand That Feeds
  24.   Gaude Maria Virgo
  25.   The Beloved: V. Salve Regina Misericordie
  26.   The Desired: I. Tota Pulcra Es
  27.   That's Real
  28.   How I Was Raised
  29.   Calling You Out
  30.   The Desired: II. Up Y Arose
  31.   The Triumphant: Anima mea liquefacta est
  32.   Introducing
  33.   The Unfathomable: iff I had wytt for to endyght
  34.   This Is Who I Am
  35.   Ave Virgo Virginum
  36.   The Triumphant: III. Beata Dei Genitrix
  37.   Can't Hold Us Down
  38.   The Truth
  39.   The Only Life I Know
  40.   Veris Ad Imperia
  41.   Going Back to the Bay
  42.   Undisputed
  43.   Wasteland by Travis Pacheco
  44.   The Bend Before The Break
  45.   F.T.W.
  46.   Bury Me
  47.   The Beloved: Ibo michi ad montem mirre
  48.   Still
  49.   It's Too Late
  50.   Olim Sudor Herculis
  51.   Leaves of the Same Tree
  52.   Ave Maria Fons Letitie
  53.   Wasteland
  54.   End of My Rope
  55.   From Nothing
  56.   Dead Wrong
  57.   Built On Struggle
  58.   Escalante
  59.   The Triumphant: II. O Regina Mundi Clara
  60.   The Will to Survive
  61.   Mundus Vergens
  62.   Lifer
  63.   Reprisal
  64.   The Unfathomable: I. Adew Mes Amours
  65.   The Desired: III. And I War a Maydyn
  66.   Lock Jaw
  67.   Filled with Hate
  68.   What I've Become
  69.   Witness
  70.   At Your Door
  71.   Letting Go
  72.   Through Hell And Back
  73.   Pain
  74.   Pange Melos Lacrimosum
  75.   Diffusa Est Gratia
  76.   Nowhere
  77.   Rest In Power
  78.   Mens Fidem / Encontre / In Odorem
  79.   I Am Forever
  80.   Procurans Odium
  81.   No Way Out
  82.   By Any Means
  83.   Pure Anger
  84.   With Honor
  85.   Mors Vite Propitia
  86.   Rat
  87.   Brothers Keeper
  88.   What Doesn't Kill You
  89.   Buried Alive
  90.   Condimentum Nostre Spei
  91.   Rewind
  92.   Betrayed
  93.   The Beloved: IV. Who Shall Have My Fayre Ladye

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