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A major player throughout the post-grunge boom of the late '90s, Lit featured the combined talents of frontman A. Jay Popoff, his guitar-playing brother Jeremy, bassist Kevin Baldes, and drummer Allen Shellenberger. The group formed in 1990 in Orange County, California, where it initially performed metal-influenced music under the name Razzle. After changing their name, Lit began embracing a spunky brand of punk-pop that helped attract a local following in California. The group sold out local venues (including Club 369 in Fullerton) and issued two recordings: an EP, Five Smokin' Tracks from Lit; and the full-length Tripping the Light Fantastic, which arrived during the spring of 1997 and became a college radio hit. Lit then landed a contract with RCA Records, which released the follow-up effort A Place in the Sun two years later. This proved to be Lit's breakthrough record, as the catchy rock riffs of "My Own Worst Enemy," "Zip-Lock," and "Miserable" all paved the way for platinum sales. With "My Own Worst Enemy" topping the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks chart, Lit toured the country alongside groups like the Offspring, No Doubt, and Garbage. Furthermore, they performed a set at Woodstock 1999 and earned a spot on the 2000 Vans Warped Tour. A third album, Atomic, was released in fall 2001, spawning several singles including "Lipstick and Bruises." A self-titled album arrived in 2004, marking Lit's fourth full-length effort (as well as their first release on the Nitrus label). In 2008, drummer Shellenberger was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He died on August 13, 2009 at the age of 39. Nathan Walker was added as the band's drummer and Lit began work on new material. In 2012, Lit released their fifth studio album, the Butch Walker-produced The View from the Bottom. They dedicated the album to Shellenberger. ~ Jason Ankeny
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  1.   Song
  2.   My Own Worst Enemy
  3.   Miserable
  4.   You Tonight
  5.   Over My Head
  6.   Right This Time
  7.   Same Shit, Different Drink
  8.   C'Mon
  9.   Here's to Us
  10.   Partner in Crime
  11.   Happy in the Meantime
  12.   Looks Like They Were Right
  13.   Four
  14.   Nothing's Free
  15.   The Party's Over
  16.   Forever Begins Right Now
  17.   Times Like This
  18.   Zip-Lock
  19.   Down
  20.   Miss You Gone
  21.   Bulletproof
  22.   Pictures of You
  23.   All or Nothing
  24.   Hard to Find
  25.   Lullaby
  26.   Moonshine
  27.   Throwaway
  28.   Needle & Thread
  29.   Too Fast for a U-Turn
  30.   Next Time Around
  31.   Lipstick and Bruises
  32.   Addicted
  33.   Quicksand
  34.   Lovely Day
  35.   No Big Thing
  36.   I Wanna Rock
  37.   A Place in the Sun
  38.   Perfect One
  39.   Everything's Cool
  40.   She Don't Know
  41.   The Broken
  42.   Live for This
  43.   She Comes
  44.   Slip
  45.   Happy
  46.   The Last Time Again
  47.   For
  48.   Something to Someone
  49.   The Best Is Yet to Come Undone
  50.   You Did It
  51.   Drop D
  52.   The Wall
  53.   Sunny Weather
  54.   Bitter
  55.   Fireman
  56.   Beginning
  57.   Stain
  58.   Money
  59.   My World
  60.   Fuel
  61.   Habib
  62.   Explode
  63.   Amount to Nothing
  64.   Dozer
  65.   Cadillac
  66.   I Don't Get It
  67.   Souvenir
  68.   Alright
  69.   Clips from the Forthcoming DVD
  70.   Get Back
  71.   Over It
  72.   Lovery Day
  73.   Misrable
  74.   Zip Rock
  75.   Allright
  76.   Too Fast for U-Turn
  77.   Snowblind
  78.   Suny Weather
  79.   Miscrable
  80.   Another Hit by Rukka Ruff
  81.   STL Rep
  82.   Run Away
  83.   Really Though
  84.   Body Emm
  85.   DJ
  86.   Super Thick
  87.   Gusto
  88.   Hustle Game
  89.   Drop It
  90.   Sheba
  91.   Early Morning