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Little Big Town

The country vocal quartet Little Big Town began with Kimberly Roads and Karen Fairchild, two Georgia natives who began singing together in college. Arkansas-born and Alabama-raised Jimi Westbrook, a friend of Fairchild's husband, joined them to make a trio, and the group was completed by the addition of Arkansan Phil Sweet in 1998. From the outset, Little Big Town devoted their sound to harmony and multiple lead vocals, a combination that made the band a hard sell at first. They finally landed a deal at Mercury Records, but it fell through due to disagreements about musical direction. In the wake of the success of the Dixie Chicks, however, Little Big Town suddenly seemed a more likely commercial proposition, and they were taken up by the Dixie Chicks' label, Monument Records, in 2000. Recording sessions lasted longer than usual for a country release, but Monument finally issued the band's debut single, "Don't Waste My Time," in the winter of 2002. The song was on its way up the charts when its accompanying album, Little Big Town, arrived in May. Although the debut produced several minor hits, Little Big Town didn't become a superstar act until 2005, when The Road to Here yielded four Top 20 singles (including the ballad "Bring It On Home") and earned the group its first platinum record. A Place to Land followed in 2007 and netted three singles, none of which made it into the Top 30, but the band's profile continued to grow due to incessant touring and supporting acts from Sugarland to Carrie Underwood. Fairchild also guested with John Mellencamp on his album Life Death Love and Freedom. In May of 2010 "Little White Church" appeared as a single that peaked at number 14 on the Billboard country chart; in August of that year, Little Big Town's fourth studio album, The Reason Why, was released by Capitol. The band returned in 2012 with the single "Pontoon," which wound up topping Billboard's country charts. The band's fifth full-length album, Tornado, followed in September 2012. It was their first release to be produced by the ex-In Pursuit member Jay Joyce, and it became their highest placed album on the Billboard 200 up to that point, reaching number two. Joyce was retained for their next album's sessions and the resulting record, Pain Killer, appeared in October 2014, preceded by the single "Day Drinking." ~ William Ruhlmann
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Little Big Town

Top Songs by
Little Big Town

  1.   Song
  2.   Pontoon
  3.   Day Drinking
  4.   Girl Crush
  5.   Little White Church
  6.   Boondocks
  7.   Tornado
  8.   Your Side of the Bed
  9.   Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  10.   Sober
  11.   Good as Gone
  12.   Fine Line
  13.   Pain Killer
  14.   Bring It on Home
  15.   A Little More You
  16.   Kiss Goodbye
  17.   Turn the Lights On
  18.   Good People
  19.   Silver and Gold
  20.   Quit Breaking Up With Me
  21.   Stay
  22.   Leavin' in Your Eyes
  23.   Faster Gun
  24.   Looking for a Reason
  25.   Life in a Northern Town
  26.   Things You Don't Think About
  27.   Lean Into It
  28.   The Reason Why
  29.   Live Forever
  30.   Tumble and Fall
  31.   Stay All Night
  32.   Fine with Me
  33.   Why, Oh Why
  34.   One of Those Days
  35.   One Dance
  36.   Night Owl
  37.   You're Gonna Love Me
  38.   Bones
  39.   Lost
  40.   Firebird Fly
  41.   Can't Go Back
  42.   Fury
  43.   Save Your Sin
  44.   Everything Changes
  45.   Vapor
  46.   Welcome to the Family
  47.   Tryin'
  48.   Still
  49.   Pontiac
  50.   Front Porch Thang
  51.   Pavement Ends
  52.   You Can't Have Everything
  53.   Rain On a Tin Roof
  54.   To Know Love
  55.   From This Dream
  56.   Somewhere Far Away
  57.   Never Felt Love
  58.   Self Made
  59.   On Fire Tonight
  60.   Shut Up Train
  61.   Runaway Train
  62.   Life Rolls On
  63.   All the Way Down
  64.   All Over Again
  65.   Go Tell It on the Mountain
  66.   Good Lord Willing
  67.   A Place to Land
  68.   Novocaine
  69.   I'm With the Band
  70.   Mean Streak
  71.   Live with Lonesome
  72.   Wounded
  73.   Love Profound
  74.   Lonely Enough
  75.   Only What You Make of It
  76.   Evangeline
  77.   That's Where I'll Be
  78.   We Go Together
  79.   A Thousand Years
  80.   Don't Waste My Time
  81.   Bones by Lindsey Buckingham
  82.   The Chain by Lindsey Buckingham
  83.   Bring It on Home by Lindsey Buckingham
  84.   Boondocks by Lindsey Buckingham
  85.   Good as Gone by Lindsey Buckingham
  86.   Work
  87.   Miracle
  88.   C'mon
  89.   Skinny Dippin'
  90.   Willpower
  91.   The Boat