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With their operatic heavy metal and monster-movie stage persona, Lordi seemed a most unlikely choice to represent their native Finland in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. So just imagine how many jaws hit the floor when the group not only claimed top honors, but also earned the most points in the venerable event's history. Vocalist Tomi Petteri Putaansuu, aka Mr. Lordi, assembled Lordi in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden, following a concert headlined by his favorite band, Kiss. After recruiting guitarist Jussi Sydänmaa (known as Amen), bassist Magnum (real name unknown), former Children of Bodom keyboardist Erna Siikavirta (Enary), and drummer Sampsa Astala (Kita), he began writing songs as well as creating the elaborate foam-latex monster costumes and pyrotechnic effects that would become the hallmark of their theatrical live performances. After a series of label auditions went nowhere, Lordi signed to Sony BMG's Finland branch and issued a debut LP, 2002's Get Heavy, which rose to the number three spot on the Finnish charts on the strength of the number one single "Would You Love a Monsterman?" Magnum left the group soon after, and with new bassist Pekka Tarvenen (Kalma), Lordi cut a sophomore album, 2004's The Monsterican Dream, which returned them to the Top 20 with "Blood Red Sandman." After touring in support of the LP, both Tarvenen and Siikavirta left the lineup, and with new bassist Samer el Nahhal (Ox) and keyboardist Leena Peisa (Awa) on board, Lordi released a third full-length, The Arockalypse. When the record's chart-topping lead single, "Hard Rock Hallelujah," was appointed Finland's official entry in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, some religious leaders criticized the move, charging the band with advocating Satanism (even in the face of their 2003 hit "The Devil Is a Loser"). Controversy notwithstanding, Lordi scored the most points in contest history with a total of 292, over 40 votes more than runner-up Dima Bilan of Russia. In the wake of Lordi's victory -- Finland's first in Eurovision competition -- tabloids from across Europe scrambled to publish photos of the band sans makeup, which earned criticism from fans and media rivals alike and forced public apologies from the offending parties. On May 26, 2006, Lordi celebrated their triumph with a free open-air performance in Helsinki's Market Square, playing to more than 80,000 fans. Finland president Tarja Halonen even took the stage to award the band for its global recognition. In 2007 the band performed at several American festivals, including Bamboozle and Ozzfest, before touring the States alongside Type O Negative. Lordi then returned to the studio in May 2008 to begin work on Deadache, the band's fourth studio effort. Released later that year, the album featured a stronger emphasis on keyboard parts and horror themes, as well as songwriting contributions from every member of the group. In 2010, the band released their first single, “This Is Heavy Metal”, from their fifth studio album Babez For Breakfast. It was during this year that drummer Kita left the band. His replacement was Otus but he sadly died, according to an announcement that the band had made on their Facebook page. In September 2012, they released a compilation CD/DVD entitled Scarachives Vol.1 and in 2012 they began recording their sixth album To Beast Or Not To Beast. ~ Jason Ankeny
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  1.   Song
  2.   Hard Rock Hallelujah
  3.   Nailed By the Hammer of Frankenstein
  4.   Wake the Snake
  5.   I'm the Best
  6.   Fire in the Hole
  7.   The Night of the Loving Dead
  8.   Would You Love a Monsterman?
  9.   The House
  10.   Non Stop Nite
  11.   Babez for Breakfast
  12.   The Deadite Girls Gone Wild
  13.   Something Wicked This Way Comes
  14.   The Children of the Night
  15.   We're Not Bad For the Kids (We're Worse)
  16.   Icon of Dominance
  17.   Get Heavy
  18.   Forsaken Fashion Dolls
  19.   The Riff
  20.   Devil's Lullaby
  21.   Rock the Hell Outta You
  22.   Horrifiction
  23.   Beast Loose in Paradise
  24.   SCG5: It's a Boy!
  25.   The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile
  26.   The Rebirth of the Countess
  27.   Don't Let My Mother Know
  28.   Last Kiss Goodbye
  29.   Not the Nicest Guy
  30.   Pet the Destroyer
  31.   Discoevil
  32.   Sincerely With Love
  33.   Bringing Back the Balls to Rock
  34.   Hellbender Turbulence
  35.   Blood Red Sandman
  36.   Kalmageddon
  37.   My Heaven Is Your Hell
  38.   Midnight Mover
  39.   The Rock Police
  40.   Midnite Lover
  41.   I Am Bigger Than You
  42.   Call Off the Wedding
  43.   Missing Miss Charlene
  44.   Raise Hell in Heaven
  45.   Dr. Sin is In
  46.   Monsters Keep Me Company
  47.   Girls Go Chopping
  48.   SCG IV
  49.   Scarctic Circle Gathering
  50.   13
  51.   Who's Your Daddy?
  52.   Good to Be Bad
  53.   The Chainsaw Buffet by Jay Jay French
  54.   It Snows in Hell
  55.   SCG3 Special Reports by Dee Snider
  56.   Shotgun Divorce
  57.   Devil Is a Loser
  58.   They Only Come out at Night
  59.   I Luv Ugly
  60.   SCG6: Otus' Butcher Clinic
  61.   Man Skin Boots
  62.   Amen's Lament to Ra
  63.   Loud and Loaded
  64.   The Ghosts of the Heceta Head
  65.   Deadache
  66.   This Is Heavy Metal
  67.   Bite It Like a Bulldog
  68.   Supermonsters
  69.   Schizo Doll
  70.   Biomechanic Man
  71.   Dynamite Tonite
  72.   Evilove
  73.   Monster Monster
  74.   Happy New Fear
  75.   Give Your Life for Rock 'n' Roll
  76.   Threatical Trailer
  77.   Candy For the Cannibal
  78.   The Kids Who Wanna Play with the Dead
  79.   Mr. Killjoy
  80.   Granny's Gone Crazy
  81.   Bring It On (The Raging Hounds Return)
  82.   Evilyn
  83.   Zombie Rawk Machine
  84.   Sacrifice Circle Gathering
  85.   Magistra Nocte
  86.   Haunted Town

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