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Lords of the Underground

Though their name might imply violent gangsta rap, Lords of the Underground match socially conscious raps with hard-hitting beats. Newark, NJ's Doitall and Mr. Funke met Cleveland-native DJ Lord Jazz at Shaw University in North Carolina; since the two were looking for a DJ, they hooked up with Jazz. A friend of Doitall's introduced the group to legendary producer Marley Marl, who invited them to record at his studio with help from K-Def. Before their debut album (Here Come the Lords) even appeared, the Lords placed three hit singles ("Psycho," "Funky Child," "Chief Rocka") on the rap charts. By the end of 1993, the Lords had received an award from BET as best rap group of the year. Keepers of the Funk, released in 1994, failed to keep the momentum going, and there was a five-year wait before third album Resurrection dropped in 1999. ~ John Bush
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Lords of the Underground

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Lords of the Underground

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Lords of the Underground

  1.   Song
  2.   Chief Rocka
  3.   Funky Child
  4.   Here Come the Lords
  5.   Chief Rocker
  6.   Psycho
  7.   Sleep For Dinner -
  8.   Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Make It Funky)
  9.   Keep It Underground
  10.   Blow Your Mind
  11.   Madd Skillz
  12.   Tic Toc
  13.   Like a Drug
  14.   Hennessey: Part II by Sah-B
  15.   Yes We're Fresh
  16.   Fab 3
  17.   Hennessey, Pt. 2 by Sah-B
  18.   Nasty Natti
  19.   Haters
  20.   Funk for Ya Mama
  21.   Hennessey, Pt. 1
  22.   Imposter
  23.   Take Dat
  24.   If You...
  25.   Retaliate
  26.   What's Goin' On
  27.   L.O.T.U.G. (Lords of the Underground)
  28.   Check It
  29.   From da Bricks
  30.   Intro
  31.   He's a Machine
  32.   RadioActivated
  33.   LG'z Up Intro
  34.   BonFire
  35.   Bumpin Loud
  36.   All I Ever Wanted
  37.   Hennessey: Part I
  38.   What is a Mic
  39.   Slick Talk
  40.   Rocka
  41.   I Love Hip Hop
  42.   What Y'all Wanna Know
  43.   Certified
  44.   The Clinic
  45.   To Love Me
  46.   English Mami
  47.   Jelly /What I'm After
  48.   What I'm After
  49.   Neva Faded by Supreme C
  50.   Faith by Deniece Williams
  51.   Exodus
  52.   Excuse Me
  53.   Infinite featuring Joe Bananas
  54.   One Day by Da Brat
  55.   Earth, Wind, & Fire by Joya
  56.   Path of the Righteous Man
  57.   Burn Rubber
  58.   Flow on (New Symphony)
  59.   Lord's Prayer
  60.   Grave Digga
  61.   Outro
  62.   What U See
  63.   Yes Y'All
  64.   Frustrated
  65.   No Pain
  66.   Ready or Not
  67.   Keepers of the Funk
  68.   Steam From da Knot
  69.   What I'm After
  70.   Faith
  71.   No Pass
  72.   What Is a MC
  73.   Hum It Out
  74.   Magic
  75.   Say My Name
  76.   Neva Faded
  77.   Belly of the Beast
  78.   Remember Me
  79.   What I'm After by Keith Murray
  80.   Neva Faded by Supreme C

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