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Lower Than Atlantis

Hailing from the London satellite town of Watford, Lower Than Atlantis were formed in 2007 by Mike Duce (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Ben Sansom (lead guitar, backing vocals), whose shared love of bands such as Biffy Clyro, NOFX, and blink-182 would go on to inspire the group's early sound. At the end of 2008 -- after various lineup changes took place on bass and drums -- Lower Than Atlantis released their debut EP, Bretton. Clocking in at under 20 minutes and featuring eight tracks, the breakneck melodic hardcore punk sound of the EP would signal the direction of their 2010 debut album, Far Q. With the addition of full-time members Eddy Thrower (drums) and Declan Hart (bass), the band returned to the studio to record its sophomore release, 2011's World Record. Taking on a more alternative rock sound inspired by the likes of Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World, the album signaled the band's continued evolution from hardcore punk to melodic indie rock. Signing to Island Records at the beginning of 2012, the band released its third album, Changing Tune, in October of that year. Two years later, after Lower Than Atlantis parted ways with Island, they announced they had signed a new deal with Sony Music. Pushing their sound further away from the hardcore punk of their early days, they released their more arena-friendly self-titled fourth album in October of 2014. Their fifth album, Safe in Sound, which continued their anthemic rock sound, appeared in early 2017. ~ Rich Wilson
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Lower Than Atlantis

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Lower Than Atlantis

  1.   Song
  2.   Here We Go
  3.   Had Enough
  4.   A/S/L?
  5.   Work for It
  6.   Sewer Side
  7.   I Would
  8.   Eating Is Cheating
  9.   Everybody Wants to Rule the World
  10.   Words Don't Come So Easily
  11.   R.O.I.
  12.   Real Love
  13.   Time
  14.   Cool Kids
  15.   Ain't No Friend
  16.   Beside Myself
  17.   Working for the Man by Day Stickin' It to the Man by Night
  18.   Face Full of Scars
  19.   English Kids in America
  20.   Boomerang
  21.   Wish You Were Here
  22.   Prologue
  23.   Money
  24.   The Reason
  25.   Something Better Came Along
  26.   Could Be Worse
  27.   March Of The LTA
  28.   Beech Like the Tree
  29.   Yo Music Scene, What Happened?
  30.   Could You? Would You?
  31.   Showtime
  32.   Up in Smoke
  33.   Deadliest Catch
  34.   Grounded
  35.   Go On Strike
  36.   Live by the Remote, Die by the Remote
  37.   High at Five
  38.   A Thousand Miles
  39.   Just What You Need
  40.   Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
  41.   I Hate Comic Sans
  42.   Bretton
  43.   I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore
  44.   Far Q
  45.   Scared of the Dark
  46.   Mike Duce's Symphony No. 11 in D Minor
  47.   Normally Strange
  48.   A Night to Forget
  49.   Marilyn's Mansion
  50.   Criminal
  51.   (Motor) Way of Life
  52.   Stays the Same
  53.   Down with the Kids
  54.   Uni 9mm
  55.   Live Slow, Die Old
  56.   I Know a Song That Will Get On Your Nerves
  57.   Move Along
  58.   Nobelts
  59.   Am I Wrong?
  60.   Taping Songs Off the Radio
  61.   Dumb
  62.   I'm Partying
  63.   Vampires, Suck Blood
  64.   War With Words
  65.   What A Beautiful Day To Impersonate An Officer
  66.   Frankie Goes To Hemel
  67.   Another Sad Song
  68.   Number One
  69.   Sleeping In The Bath
  70.   Strong
  71.   Get Over It
  72.   PMA
  73.   Long Time Coming
  74.   Damn Nation
  75.   Bug
  76.   The Juggernaut
  77.   Emily
  78.   I'm Not Bulimic (I Just Wanted to See How Far I Could Stick My Mingers Down My Throat)
  79.   Superhero
  80.   Love Someone Else
  81.   B.O.R.E.D.

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