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Boasting a sound that straddled the border of alternative rock and emo-pop, Mae (an acronym for Multisensory Aesthetic Experience) was formed in early 2001 by guitarist Matt Beck, drummer Jacob Marshall, bassist Mark Padgett, keyboardist Rob Sweitzer, and vocalist Dave Elkins. The band initially started out as a project between Elkins and Marshall, students at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Recording sessions were booked at Padgett's home studio, and the duo quickly grew into a quintet as the co-founders rubbed shoulders with other local musicians. Nearly eight months later, Mae had cemented its sound and landed local shows with the likes of the Movielife, River City High, and the Exit. In the process, the group also recorded songs for a debut album, Destination: Beautiful, which was released in early 2003 by Tooth & Nail. While touring to support Destination: Beautiful, guitarist Matt Beck stepped down from his post and was replaced by former Unsung Zeroes guitarist Zach Gehring. Destination: B-Sides surfaced near the end of 2004. Mae's second proper studio album, The Everglow, followed in 2005, and the band's dedicated audience (not to mention its coveted spot on the Warped Tour that summer) helped the album peak at number 51 on the Billboard 2000. Mae joined the Virgin College Mega Tour in early 2006, appearing alongside Over It and Yellowcard in the process, and a bonus edition of The Everglow appeared that April with additional tracks and a bonus DVD. The musicians' contract with Tooth & Nail ran out later that year, and they went on to sign a deal with Capitol, thus making Mae a major-label act. Singularity was released during the summer 2007 and cracked the Top 40, selling roughly 17,000 copies during its first week. It proved to be Mae's only release for Capitol, however, as the band left the label's roster in 2008 and forged ahead as an independent act. Early the following year, the (m)orning EP became Mae's first independently released disc, although it received a widespread release in September courtesy of Cell Records. They followed up quickly in 2010 with another EP, (a)fternoon. ~ MacKenzie Wilson & Andrew Leahey
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  1.   Song
  2.   Ready and Waiting to Fall
  3.   Suspension
  4.   Tisbury Lane
  5.   Brink of Disaster
  6.   Crazy 8s
  7.   Embers and Envelopes
  8.   In Pieces
  9.   Anything
  10.   This Time Is the Last Time
  11.   I Just Need You to Know
  12.   The Fight Song (Crash and Burn)
  13.   The Cure
  14.   Afternoon in Eden
  15.   (M)orning Drive
  16.   The Everglow
  17.   Cover Me
  18.   Painless
  19.   Someone Else's Arms
  20.   Futuro
  21.   Giving It Away
  22.   Soundtrack for Our Movie
  23.   Sun
  24.   All Deliberate Speed
  25.   Embers and Envelopes
  26.   Good (E)vening
  27.   A Quiet (E)vening
  28.   A Melody, The Memory
  29.   Just Let Go
  30.   March of the Pigs
  31.   Epilogue
  32.   This Is the Countdown
  33.   Goodbye, Goodnight
  34.   Summertime
  35.   Runaway
  36.   Where the Falls Begin
  37.   Last Call
  38.   Sleep Well
  39.   Seasons III: Return
  40.   Seasons II: Initiation
  41.   Seasons I: Departure
  42.   My Favorite Dream
  43.   Bloom
  44.   Over & Over
  45.   Good (A)fternoon
  46.   Falling into You
  47.   Communication
  48.   Two Birds
  49.   The House That Fire Built
  50.   The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love)
  51.   Night/Day
  52.   Good (M)orning
  53.   [Silence]
  54.   Going to School
  55.   Crazy
  56.   Reflections
  57.   Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone
  58.   Home
  59.   Waiting
  60.   Sic Semper Tyrannis
  61.   Release Me
  62.   Carol of the Bells
  63.   The Sun and the Moon
  64.   The Ocean
  65.   Prologue
  66.   Skyline Drive
  67.   Awakening
  68.   Rocket
  69.   We're So Far Away
  70.   Boomerang
  71.   On Top
  72.   Telescopes
  73.   Breakdown
  74.   Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
  75.   A Day in the Life
  76.   Last Transmission II

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