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One of the most internationally successful bands in all of heavy metaldom, Auburn, New York-born power metal outfit Manowar -- Eric Adams (vocals), Karl Logan (guitars), Joey DeMaio (bass), and Donnie Hamzik (drums) -- have sold over nine million records since their inception in 1980. Steeped in the pageantry of heavy metal, the group's approach was designed to be the raw, primal, Viking antithesis of classic rock, and their music followed suit, based on raw, aggressive riffs, with lyrics that were mostly about fighting, violence, honor, and death. The band issued a pair of well received yet not so widely distributed albums -- Battle Hymns (1982) and Into Glory Ride (1983) -- before breaking in the U.K. and Europe with 1984's Hail to England and Sign of the Hammer, leading to the group inking a deal with Atlantic and breaking big internationally with 1987's Fighting the World, the latter of which featured guest narration on the track "Defender" from Orson Welles, who had died two years prior, yet recorded his part on a 1982 demo of the song. Released in 1988, Kings of Metal was even bigger and bolder, but it also marked the departure of founding member and guitarist Ross Friedman (Ross the Boss). The ambitious Triumph of Steel arrived in 1992, followed by a string of new releases -- Louder Than Hell (1996), Warriors of the World (2002), Gods of War (2007), and The Lord of Steel (2012) -- as well as re-recordings of early albums Battle Hymns MMXI (2010) and Kings of Metal MMXIV (2013). ~ James Christopher Monger & Steve Huey
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  1.   Song
  2.   The Gods Made Heavy Metal
  3.   Fighting the World
  4.   Hail and Kill
  5.   Kingdom Come
  6.   Blow Your Speakers
  7.   Carry On
  8.   Outlaw
  9.   Black Wind, Fire and Steel
  10.   Kings of Metal
  11.   Manowar
  12.   Warriors of the World United
  13.   All Men Play on 10
  14.   Violence and Bloodshed
  15.   Animals
  16.   Metal Warriors
  17.   Return of the Warlords
  18.   Number 1
  19.   Guyana (Cult of the Damned)
  20.   Mountains
  21.   Master of Revenge
  22.   Blood of the Kings
  23.   The Crown and the Ring
  24.   Wheels of Fire
  25.   The Demon's Whip
  26.   Ride the Dragon
  27.   Achilles, Agony, and Ecstasy in Eight Parts: Prelude/Hector Storms the
  28.   Death Tone
  29.   The Power of Thy Sword
  30.   Thor (The Powerhead)
  31.   William's Tale
  32.   Dark Avenger
  33.   Shell Shock
  34.   Fast Taker
  35.   Battle Hymn
  36.   Drums of Doom
  37.   Sting of the Bumblebee
  38.   Heart of Steel
  39.   The Power
  40.   My Spirit Lives On
  41.   King
  42.   Courage
  43.   Master of the Wind
  44.   Burning
  45.   Spirit Horse of the Cherokee
  46.   Sign of the Hammer
  47.   The Oath
  48.   Metal Daze
  49.   Defender
  50.   Today Is a Good Day to Die
  51.   Thunderpick
  52.   Brothers of Metal, Pt. 1
  53.   Pleasure Slave
  54.   Holy War

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