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Marcy Playground

Although the members of Marcy Playground met in New York City during the mid-'90s, both singer/guitarist John Wozniak and bassist Dylan Keefe originally hailed from Minneapolis, and drummer Dan Rieser grew up in Ohio. The group took its name from the Marcy Open School, an experimental elementary school that Wozniak attended in the late '70s. Wozniak was intimidated by a few other students during his time at Marcy Open, and he ultimately refused to join his peers on the school's playground during recess. Subsequently, the singer claimed that this tough period of his life served as "a foundation for a future self." In one of the band's first bios, he explained, "The strange way in which I see the world today can be directly traced back to the time when, as a little boy, I sat paralyzed by the unfortunate realities of life as I looked out of a school window and down onto the Marcy Playground." Keefe attended another nearby school -- a sister school, of sorts, to the one that Wozniak attended -- but it wasn't until both Minneapolis natives moved to N.Y.C. that they first crossed paths. Introduced via acclaimed jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel, the two realized they shared similar tastes in music and soon decided to form a band. Keefe recommended an old college friend, Rieser, to play drums for the group, which led to the official birth of Marcy Playground. The group eventually signed a recording contract with Capitol Records and released a self-titled debut album in February 1997. Several months after the album's release, rock radio picked up on the group's single "Sex and Candy" (comparable to Nirvana's more tranquil moments), which pushed the album up the U.S. charts and, eventually, to platinum certification. The trio began work on a second full-length effort, trying to avoid the dreaded sophomore jinx that so many other rock bands have fallen prey to after scoring an inaugural hit. Marcy Playground proved ultimately susceptible to the aforementioned "curse," as the resulting album, 1999's Shapeshifter, was widely panned by critics and sank from sight shortly after its release. The group shrank away from the spotlight but continued releasing albums, with MP3 arriving in 2004 and Leaving Wonderland...In a Fit of Rage following in 2009. The remix album, Indaba Remixes from Wonderland -- featuring remixed versions of tracks off Leaving Wonderland -- appeared in 2010. ~ Greg Prato
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Marcy Playground

Top Songs by
Marcy Playground

  1.   Song
  2.   Sex and Candy
  3.   Never
  4.   All the Lights Went Out
  5.   Saint Joe on the School Bus
  6.   The Vampires of New York
  7.   Keegan's Christmas
  8.   Hallelujah
  9.   A Cloak of Elvenkind
  10.   It's Saturday
  11.   Memphis
  12.   Poppies
  13.   The Needle and the Damage Done
  14.   Whiter Shade of Pale
  15.   Blackbird
  16.   Opium
  17.   Ancient Walls of Flowers
  18.   Rosey Risin'
  19.   The Plant Song
  20.   Black Eyed Sue
  21.   Thank You
  22.   Irene
  23.   I Burned the Bed
  24.   Down the Drain
  25.   Devil Woman
  26.   Rock and Roll Heroes
  27.   Hotter Than the Sun
  28.   Blood in Alphabet Soup
  29.   Pigeon Farm
  30.   Rebel Sodville
  31.   One More Suicide
  32.   Sherry Fraser
  33.   Dog and His Master
  34.   From The Marcy Playground
  35.   Star Baby
  36.   I Must Have Been Dreaming
  37.   Good Times
  38.   Gin and Money
  39.   Emperor
  40.   Barfly
  41.   Sleepy Eyes
  42.   Death of a Cheerleader
  43.   Punk Rock Superstar
  44.   Deadly Handsome Man
  45.   No One's Boy
  46.   Spoonfed
  47.   Our Generation
  48.   Love Bug
  49.   Secret Squirrel
  50.   Bye Bye
  51.   Mr. Fisher
  52.   The Shadow of Seattle
  53.   The Tale of Captain McGuire
  54.   Special
  55.   Up and Down
  56.   Crazy Katy Nicotine and Her Red Jet Air Ballon
  57.   Jesse Went to War
  58.   Sunday Mail
  59.   Wave Motion Gun
  60.   Comin' up from Behind
  61.   The Angel of the Forever Sleep
  62.   Bang Bang Bang
  63.   Gone Crazy
  64.   Here Comes Summer
  65.   John Fisher Ford
  66.   Flag and Finger
  67.   Paper Dolls
  68.   Brand New Day
  69.   People Are People
  70.   Shapeshifter
  71.   Twinkle By Joe
  72.   Ballad of Aslan
  73.   Here My Train A Comin
  74.   Alice and Everything
  75.   My Favorite Tree In Fall

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