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Marina & the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds, really just Marina Diamandis, was born in 1986 to Welsh and Greek parents, although she has often claimed to be from Ancient Greece. After dropping out of four different music courses at four different universities, she decided to make her own way in music, and began writing left-field pop songs. Early on, she claimed that her inspirations were Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani -- who she often covered at live gigs -- but her songs have a soulful edge pointing to a deeper source of influence. Diamandis' piano/keyboard-driven songs vary from melancholic ballads to out-and-out glam pop, but her voice and melodic style are what make her unique. Essentially a solo artist, Marina wrote the bulk of her early material alone, arranging it for a band to ensure her live shows carried the full energy of her studio recordings. Quick to distance herself from comparisons to the rest of the female solo artists who broke through in 2009, Marina was also open about voicing her opinions on more established musical peers including Lily Allen and Kate Nash. In interviews she often showed a dislike of being grouped together with other emerging artists, especially when she had nothing in common with them except gender. The variety in her music made it hard to classify or pigeonhole, and comparisons were made with artists as diverse as Regina Spektor and Elvis Costello. Her first single, "Obsessions/Mowgli's Road," was issued by indie label Neon Gold in the U.S., also home to electro-indie Americans Passion Pit. It was followed later in 2009 by The Crown Jewels EP, which contained three new songs, including an electronic remix of fan favorite "I Am Not a Robot." After playing the British festival circuit during the summer of 2009, Marina briefly retired to the studio to polish her debut album, 2010's The Family Jewels, before quickly hitting the road again. The album hit number five in the U.K., but made only a small splash throughout the world. Her second full-length studio outing, Electra Heart, was preceded by the singles "Primadonna" and "Radioactive." It topped the charts in the U.K., led by a strong showing for the "Primadonna" single, and also cracked the Top 40 in America. Diamandis' third album, 2015's Froot, was a radical departure in working style; instead of a large cast of producers, she co-produced the album with David Kosten (Brooke Fraser, Bat for Lashes) and wrote all the songs herself. While still packed with memorable, new wave-inflected pop hooks, Froot was a more personal and evocative production that showcased Diamandis' maturation as a performer. ~ Jack Semmence
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Marina & the Diamonds

Top Songs by
Marina & the Diamonds

  1.   Song
  2.   Primadonna
  3.   Froot
  4.   How to Be a Heartbreaker
  5.   I Am Not A Robot
  6.   Mowgli's Road
  7.   Are You Satisfied?
  8.   I'm a Ruin
  9.   Bubblegum Bitch
  10.   Happy
  11.   Power & Control
  12.   Forget
  13.   Hollywood
  14.   Immortal
  15.   Oh No!
  16.   Lies
  17.   Sex Yeah
  18.   Teen Idle
  19.   Blue
  20.   Better Than That
  21.   Savages
  22.   Numb
  23.   Homewrecker
  24.   Obsessions
  25.   Starring Role
  26.   Shampain
  27.   Radioactive
  28.   Guilty
  29.   Girls
  30.   Hermit The Frog
  31.   Solitaire
  32.   Seventeen
  33.   Rootless
  34.   Weeds
  35.   Valley of the Dolls
  36.   The Outsider
  37.   Fear and Loathing
  38.   Hypocrates
  39.   The State of Dreaming
  40.   Gold
  41.   Can't Pin Me Down
  42.   [CD-ROM Track]
  43.   Starstrukk
  44.   Living Dead
  45.   Lonely Hearts Club
  46.   Buy the Stars
  47.   Space and the Woods

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