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Marissa Nadler

American singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler blends traditional folk, Gothic Americana, and dreamy pop into an original musical framework. Raised in a small town in Massachusetts, Nadler took to painting first, a passion she continues to indulge, but the love of music drove her to become a proficient guitarist and songwriter. Nadler's compositions sound otherworldly, even timeless. Her first two albums, Ballads of Living and Dying (2004, Eclipse) and The Saga of Mayflower May (2005, Eclipse) were largely acoustic affairs that featured her mezzo-soprano voice and guitar accompanied by banjo, bells, and penny whistle. On Songs III: Bird on the Water (2007, Peacefrog, Kemado), synthesizers were used for the first time, as were strings and harp. With 2009's Little Hells, the songwriter began opening up her sound to include percussion, pianos, Wurlitzer, and standard rock instrumentation. She toured almost constantly and garnered global acclaim for her recordings and performing. In 2010, she threw fans a curve by appearing as the vocal chorus on Portal of Sorrow, from one-man black metal band Xasthur. Surprisingly, she was dropped by Kemado/Mexican Summer. Undaunted, she launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised the funding for her next recording. In the early spring of 2011, Nadler released "Baby I Will Leave You in the Morning," the first single and video from the fan-funded, self-titled album; it was released in June on her Box of Cedar Records. Nadler issued a follow-up to her critically lauded eponymous album, The Sister, in the spring of 2012. Its arrangements dovetailed with those of its predecessor. Signing with Sacred Bones (distributed by Bella Union), Nadler released the album July in February of 2014, marking her first collaboration with engineer/producer Randall Dunn. The album featured studio appearances from Eyvind Kang, Phil Wandscher, and others. In 2016, she and Dunn collaborated again on Strangers. Here, Nadler stepped out from writing mostly autobiographical songs and penned more character-driven narratives. The set's first single, "Janie I Know," was issued in February. The album appeared in May. ~ James Christopher Monger
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Marissa Nadler

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Marissa Nadler

  1.   Song
  2.   Little Hells
  3.   We Are Coming Back
  4.   The Sun Always Reminds Me of You
  5.   Wedding
  6.   The Little Famous Song
  7.   Was It a Dream
  8.   Wind Up Doll
  9.   Yellow Lights
  10.   Nothing Feels the Same
  11.   Puppet Master
  12.   Feathers
  13.   Leather Made Shoes
  14.   High on the Road
  15.   In Your Lair, Bear
  16.   Divers of the Dust
  17.   The Kindness of Strangers
  18.   Sleeping in the Afternoon
  19.   Love Again, There Is a Fire
  20.   I've Got Your Name
  21.   Damsels in the Dark
  22.   So Long Ago and Far Away
  23.   Virginia
  24.   Rachel
  25.   Annabelle Lee
  26.   Carnival
  27.   Ghosts & Lovers
  28.   Loner
  29.   River of Dirt
  30.   1923
  31.   Drive
  32.   Alabaster Queen
  33.   Diamond Heart
  34.   Hungry Is the Ghost
  35.   Pitseleh
  36.   Horsefly
  37.   Katie I Know
  38.   Tristessa's Song
  39.   Rosary
  40.   My Little Lark
  41.   Janie in Love
  42.   Baby, I Will Leave You in the Morning
  43.   Constantine
  44.   Stallions
  45.   To a Road, Love
  46.   Lily, Henry, And the Willow Trees
  47.   Box of Cedar
  48.   Daisy, Where Did You Go?
  49.   Under an Old Umbrella
  50.   Firecrackers
  51.   The Whole Is Wide
  52.   Nothing in My Heart
  53.   Mr. John Lee (Velveteen Rose)
  54.   Calico
  55.   Mr. John Lee Revisited
  56.   Days of Rum
  57.   Shadow Show Diane
  58.   Horses and Their Kin
  59.   Dissolve
  60.   In a Little Town
  61.   Dying Breed
  62.   Mayflower May
  63.   Anyone Else
  64.   Mistress
  65.   Bird on Your Grave
  66.   Apostle
  67.   In a Magazine
  68.   Skyscraper
  69.   Christine
  70.   My Love and I
  71.   All the Colours of the Dark
  72.   Famous Blue Raincoat
  73.   Holiday In
  74.   Undertaker
  75.   Waking
  76.   The Best You Ever Had
  77.   Dead City Emily
  78.   Mary Come Alive
  79.   Leave the Light On
  80.   Old Love Haunts Me in the Morning
  81.   Pick Me Up Before I Die
  82.   Solitude
  83.   Thinking of You
  84.   Bird Song
  85.   Desire
  86.   In the Time of the Lorry Low
  87.   Little King
  88.   Brittle, Crushed & Torn
  89.   Fifty Five Falls
  90.   Mexican Summer
  91.   Hay Tantos Muertos
  92.   Give Me Your Gun
  93.   Silvia
  94.   The Rose City