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Matt Nathanson

San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson has built up a loyal fan base through extensive touring. His live shows are stripped-down affairs: half music, half standup comedy, with the humor balancing out the frequently introspective songs. Nathanson has released several independent albums, including Please (1993), Ernst (1997), Not Colored Too Perfect (1998), and Still Waiting for Spring (1999), as well as an EP, When Everything Meant Everything (2002). His major-label debut, Beneath These Fireworks, was produced by Ron Aniello and released by Universal Records in 2003, and was followed in 2007 by Some Mad Hope, his debut for Vanguard Records, including the single "Come on Get Higher," which was featured as a VH1 You Oughta Know artist spot. Nathanson's songs have also been featured on a number of television shows, including Good Morning America, NCIS, Private Practice, American Idol, Vampire Diaries, American Pie, and 90210. He's also made television appearances on shows hosted by David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, and Craig Ferguson. In 2011 Vanguard issued his seventh studio effort, Modern Love. Two years later, Nathanson returned with Last of the Great Pretenders, featuring the single "Mission Bells." In 2015 he released his tenth studio album, Show Me Your Fangs, which included the singles "Headphones" (featuring Lolo), "Gold in the Summertime," and "Giants." ~ Steve Leggett
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Matt Nathanson

Top Songs by
Matt Nathanson

  1.   Song
  2.   Come On Get Higher
  3.   Modern Love
  4.   Faster
  5.   Car Crash (Acoustic)
  6.   Run
  7.   Room @ the End of the World
  8.   Mission Bells
  9.   Kinks Shirt
  10.   All We Are
  11.   Bulletproof Weeks
  12.   Curve of the Earth
  13.   Starfish and Coffee
  14.   Suspended
  15.   Kill the Lights
  16.   Still
  17.   Adrenaline
  18.   Sky High Honey
  19.   Answering Machine
  20.   Show Me Your Fangs
  21.   Farewell, December
  22.   Sunday New York Times
  23.   I Saw
  24.   Laid
  25.   First Time
  26.   Weight of It All
  27.   Princess
  28.   Fall to Pieces
  29.   Parade
  30.   Earthquake Weather
  31.   Lucky Boy
  32.   Heart Starts
  33.   Love Comes Tumbling Down
  34.   We'll Recover
  35.   New Coats and New Hats
  36.   Pretty the World
  37.   Bent
  38.   Harbor
  39.   Never Forget My Memories
  40.   Amazing Again
  41.   Wide Eyed and Full
  42.   Wings
  43.   Disappear
  44.   Gold in the Summertime
  45.   Last Days of Summer in San Francisco
  46.   Mercy
  47.   Kiss Quick
  48.   Detroit Waves
  49.   Gone
  50.   Car Crash (CD Version)
  51.   Sad Songs
  52.   All Been Said Before
  53.   Somewhere to Hide
  54.   Wait Up
  55.   Little Victories
  56.   Then I'll Be Smiling
  57.   More Than This
  58.   Headphones by LOLO
  59.   Birthday Girl
  60.   Annie's Always Waiting (For the Next One to Leave)
  61.   Bottom of the Sea
  62.   Kept
  63.   Sooner Surrender
  64.   To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts
  65.   Heartbreak World
  66.   Sing Me Sweet
  67.   Bare
  68.   Angel
  69.   Trace of a Cat's Eye
  70.   Clean
  71.   Miracles
  72.   You're Smiling
  73.   Church Clothes
  74.   Naked
  75.   Lost Myself in Search of You
  76.   Hold Me
  77.   Broken
  78.   Solace and Pain
  79.   Everything You Say Sounds Like Gospel
  80.   Loud
  81.   Continue Dreaming
  82.   Playlists & Apologies
  83.   Washington State Fight Song
  84.   Shouting
  85.   Bill Murray
  86.   Giants
  87.   I Hope That Something Better Comes Along
  88.   Drop to Hold You
  89.   Wedding Dress
  90.   Maid
  91.   Vandalized
  92.   Measure for Measure
  93.   Queen of (K)Nots
  94.   Falling Apart