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Matt Pryor

As the frontman of the Get Up Kids, Missouri native Matthew Pryor brought sharp songwriting to the forefront of emo-inflected pop/rock. Pryor then launched the New Amsterdams in 2000, using the side project as an outlet for his acoustic influences. Following the Get Up Kids' breakup in 2005 and the steady evolving of the New Amsterdams' sound, Pryor returned to his acoustic tendencies with Confidence Man, an engaging set of clever, guitar-backed tunes that marked his debut as a solo artist. ~ Andrew Leahey
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Matt Pryor

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Albums by
Matt Pryor

Top Songs by
Matt Pryor

  1.   Song
  2.   Loralai
  3.   I'm Sorry Stephen
  4.   Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down
  5.   We'll Be Fine
  6.   Where Do We Go from Here
  7.   Drunk or Dead
  8.   Unhappy Is the Only Happy That You'll Ever Be
  9.   What My Tired Eyes Would View
  10.   You Won't Get Any Blood from Me
  11.   Polish the Broken Glass
  12.   Words Get in the Way
  13.   I Wouldn't Change a Thing
  14.   Your New Favorite
  15.   As If I Could Fall in Love with You Again
  16.   The Last Thing Seventeen Years Ago...
  17.   Won't Speak to Me
  18.   Borderline
  19.   Where Did I Go Wrong
  20.   Ex's and Oh's
  21.   The House Hears Everything
  22.   Kinda Go to Pieces
  23.   Still, There's a Light
  24.   Strangled by the Thought
  25.   The Blood on the Floor
  26.   Hughes
  27.   At the Sight of Any Blood
  28.   Before My Tongue Becomes a Sword
  29.   It Ends Here
  30.   On How Our Paths Differ
  31.   When the World Stops Turning
  32.   Pictures, Records and Ring
  33.   If I Wear a Disguise
  34.   More Than I Wanted to Know
  35.   Say What You're Gonna Say
  36.   Without a Sound (Eleanore)
  37.   If I Said Go...
  38.   As Perfect as We'll Ever Be
  39.   The Lies Are Keeping Me Here
  40.   There Is No Us
  41.   Still, There's a Light
  42.   Like a Professional
  43.   As Lies Go...This One Is Beautiful
  44.   Wrist Slitter
  45.   A Totally New Year
  46.   Who Do You Think You Are
  47.   I Was a Witness
  48.   Confidence Man
  49.   Lost Long Shot
  50.   Foolish Kids
  51.   The Object I Adore
  52.   You Find Something Wise
  53.   Dear Lover
  54.   So Many Questions
  55.   Only
  56.   Lovers Who Have Lost Their Cause

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