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MC Lyte

MC Lyte was one of the first female rappers to point out the sexism and misogyny that often runs rampant in hip-hop, often taking the subject head on lyrically in her songs and helping open the door for such future artists as Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Lyte began rhyming at the age of 12, which eventually led to a single, "I Cram to Understand U," which led to a recording contract with the First Priority label. MC Lyte's debut full-length, Lyte As a Rock, surfaced in 1988, while a follow-up, Eyes on This, followed a year later. Both discs are considered to be the finest of the rapper's career, especially her sophomore effort, which spawned the hit single "Cha Cha Cha" (peaking at number one on the rap charts) and the anti-violence track "Cappucino." Lyte turned to Bell Biv DeVoe's writers and producers Wolf & Epic for her third release overall, 1991's Act Like You Know, a more soul music-based work than its predecessors and in 1993, issued Ain't No Other (the album's popular single, "Ruffneck," earned a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Single and turned out to be the first gold single ever achieved by a female rap artist). By the mid-'90s, Lyte had relocated to a new record label, Elektra/Asylum, issuing such further releases as 1996's Bad As I Wanna B, which featured a duet with Missy Elliott on the track "Cold Rock a Party," and 1998's Seven & Seven, which included further guest appearances by Elliott, as well as Giovanni Salah and LL Cool J, the latter of which produced the track "Play Girls Play." In addition to her own albums, MC Lyte has teamed with other artists from time to time, including Atlanta's Xscape on the Soul Train Award-winning "Keep on Keepin' On" (a track that also appeared on the Sunset Park soundtrack and became Lyte's second gold single), and has tried acting, appearing on several TV shows, including such comedies as Moesha and In the House, plus the crime drama New York Undercover. Lyte has also put aside time to become active in several social projects/organizations, including anti-violence campaigns, Rock the Vote, and AIDS benefits. In 2001, Rhino Records issued the 16-track career overview The Very Best of MC Lyte. Lyte then mounted a comeback in 2003 with Da Undaground Heat, Vol. 1. ~ Greg Prato
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MC Lyte

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MC Lyte

  1.   Song
  2.   Ruffneck
  3.   Cha Cha Cha
  4.   Poor Georgie
  5.   Paper Thin
  6.   I Cram to Understand U
  7.   Cappucino
  8.   Cold Rock a Party
  9.   Jammin'
  10.   Lyte as a Rock
  11.   Keep On, Keepin' On
  12.   Have U Ever
  13.   10% Dis
  14.   Lyte Thee MC
  15.   Closer
  16.   When in Love
  17.   Search 4 the Lyte
  18.   Put It on You
  19.   I Go On
  20.   I Am the Lyte
  21.   Funky Song
  22.   Rhyme Hangover
  23.   Absolutely Positively...Practical Jokes
  24.   Can I Get Some Dap
  25.   Lil Paul
  26.   Brooklyn
  27.   I'm Leavin' U (Gotta Go, Gotta Go)
  28.   Too Fly
  29.   This Emcee
  30.   Stop, Look, Listen
  31.   Shut the Eff up! (Hoe)
  32.   Never Heard Nothin' Like This
  33.   Kickin' 4 Brooklyn
  34.   Kamikaze
  35.   K-Rock's the Man
  36.   It's All Yours
  37.   I Can't Make a Mistake
  38.   All That
  39.   Act Like You Know
  40.   Eyes Are the Soul
  41.   One Nine Nine Three
  42.   Propa
  43.   2 Young 4 What
  44.   Anthology Mega Mix
  45.   Everyday
  46.   Zodiac
  47.   Woo Woo
  48.   Who's House
  49.   What's My Name Yo
  50.   Want What I Got
  51.   Two Seater
  52.   Top Billin'
  53.   Take It Off
  54.   TRG (The Rap Game)
  55.   Survival of the Fittest
  56.   Steady F--king
  57.   Slave 2 The Rhythm
  58.   Radio's Nightmare
  59.   Please Understand
  60.   Playgirls Play
  61.   Party Goin' On
  62.   Oogie Boogie
  63.   One on One
  64.   Not Wit' A Dealer
  65.   My Time
  66.   Mickey Slipper (Interlude)
  67.   Like a Virgin
  68.   Like That Anna (Interlude)
  69.   Let Me Adem
  70.   King of Rock
  71.   K-Rocks Housin'
  72.   Intro
  73.   In My Business
  74.   Hard Copy
  75.   Give Me What I Want
  76.   Druglord Superstar
  77.   Don't Cry Big Girls
  78.   Can You Dig It
  79.   Break It Down
  80.   Big Bad Sister
  81.   Beyond the Hype
  82.   Better Place
  83.   Ain't No Other
  84.   A**aholic Anonymous
  85.   Woo Woo (Freak Out) by Nicci Gilbert
  86.   I Am Woman
  87.   MC Lyte Likes Swingin'
  88.   Throwin' Words At U
  89.   Lola from the Copa
  90.   F--k That M------f--ing Bullshit
  91.   Another Dope Intro
  92.   Lyte vs. Vanna Whyte