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Metal Church

Formed in Seattle in 1982, Metal Church consisted of vocalist David Wayne, guitarists Kurdt Vanderhoof and Craig Wells, bassist Duke Erickson, and drummer Kirk Arrington. Their 1985 self-titled debut album, recorded when the thrash/speed metal genre was still evolving, made a huge splash on the scene, as did its similar follow-up, The Dark. However, the band really hit its stride when Wayne left and was replaced by Mike Howe on 1989's Blessing in Disguise; Vanderhoof left after the album due to his dislike of touring and was replaced by Metallica guitar tech John Marshall. Vanderhoof remained the group's designated composer on 1991's The Human Factor, possibly the band's most socially conscious album. However, the advent of alternative rock and problems with their record label contributed to a loss of direction on 1993's Hanging in the Balance, and Metal Church ended up disbanding. In 1999, the group's original lineup -- Wayne, Vanderhoof, Wells, Erickson, and Arrington -- reunited and released the album Masterpeace. The ensuing years saw the group undergoing numerous lineup changes and assorted members tending to other projects. In 2004, the band issued their seventh full-length LP, the critically acclaimed Weight of the World, which marked the debut of new vocalist Ronny Munroe. Tragically, former vocalist David Wayne died the following year from complications resulting from a car accident. 2006's A Light in the Dark included a re-recording of 1986's "Watch the Children Pray" as a tribute to their fallen comrade. Shortly after the release of 2009's This Present Wasteland, the band announced that they would be going their separate ways again. A reunion show in 2012 eventually led them back to the studio. The resulting Generation Nothing, their tenth studio long-player, arrived the following year, and the aptly named XI dropped in early 2016, marking the return of vocalist Mike Howe. A concert album culled from the XI tour featuring Howe appeared the following year under the title Classic Live. ~ Steve Huey
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Metal Church

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Metal Church

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Metal Church

  1.   Song
  2.   Of Unsound Mind
  3.   Method to Your Madness
  4.   The Dark
  5.   Beyond the Black
  6.   Ton of Bricks
  7.   (My Favorite) Nightmare
  8.   Watch the Children Pray
  9.   Gods of Wrath
  10.   Fake Healer
  11.   Badlands
  12.   Start the Fire
  13.   Blood Money
  14.   The Company Of Sorrow
  15.   In the Blood
  16.   It Waits
  17.   Soul Eating Machine
  18.   Shadow
  19.   Needle and Suture
  20.   Sky Falls In
  21.   Breathe Again
  22.   Meet Your Maker
  23.   Watch the Children Pray 2006 (For David Wayne)
  24.   Blinded by Life
  25.   Temples of the Sea
  26.   Disappear
  27.   Mirror of Lies
  28.   Beyond All Reason
  29.   Time Will Tell
  30.   Sunless Sky
  31.   Madman's Overture
  32.   Weight of the World
  33.   Burial at Sea
  34.   The Fight Song
  35.   In Mourning
  36.   Date With Poverty
  37.   Cannot Tell a Lie
  38.   More Than Your Master
  39.   Battalions
  40.   Congregation
  41.   Deeds Of A Dead Soul
  42.   The Believer
  43.   Monster
  44.   It's a Secret
  45.   Suffer Fools
  46.   Son of the Son
  47.   Rest in Pieces (April 15, 1912)
  48.   Blow Your Mind
  49.   Signal Path
  50.   No Tomorrow
  51.   Reset
  52.   Pill for the Kill
  53.   Bomb to Drop
  54.   Wings of Tomorrow
  55.   Leave Them Behind
  56.   No Friend of Mine
  57.   Gods of a Second Chance
  58.   Over My Dead Body
  59.   Western Alliance
  60.   Line of Death
  61.   Psycho
  62.   Betrayed
  63.   Flee From Reality
  64.   Agent Green
  65.   In Harm's Way
  66.   The Final Word
  67.   The Human Factor
  68.   Highway Star
  69.   Hitman
  70.   Metal Church
  71.   The Brave
  72.   The Powers That Be
  73.   Anthem to the Estranged
  74.   In Due Time
  75.   Mass Hysteria
  76.   A War Never Won
  77.   Crawling To Extinction
  78.   The Perfect Crime
  79.   Cradle to Grave
  80.   Hero's Soul
  81.   The Spell Can't Be Broken
  82.   A Light in the Dark
  83.   Badlands (2015)
  84.   Merciless Onslaught
  85.   Killing Your Time

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