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Finding an unlikely middle point between Suicide's hostile, proto-electro punk art noise and the sardonic, pop-friendly sound of the Flaming Lips, MGMT started as electroclash musical terrorists but quickly grew into an eclectic, brainy pop group with psychedelic overtones. MGMT first formed in 2002, during Ben Goldwasser and Andrew Van Wyngarden's freshman year as art students at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. The band was initially known as the Management, and its shows consisted mostly of backing tapes, synthesizers, and prerecorded vocals playing as Goldwasser and Van Wyngarden engaged the audience in a manner somewhere between performance art and good old-fashioned punky hostility. By their senior year, things had toned down considerably on-stage and the duo began augmenting its live sound with backing musicians. After graduating, MGMT released an electro-rock EP, 2005's Time to Pretend, on the tiny indie label Cantora Records. For its full-length debut, the duo partnered with producer Dave Fridmann and recorded Oracular Spectacular, a far more musically expansive album that was released digitally in late 2007. A traditional CD release followed in January 2008, and Oracular Spectacular ultimately enjoyed both critical approval and commercial success, with the album selling over 500,000 copies in the U.S. and going platinum in Australia, the U.K., and Ireland. In 2009, MGMT began working with producer Sonic Boom on their second album, Congratulations. Released in 2010, the record found them growing more ambitious with their sound, and they were rewarded for their trouble when their sophomore effort debuted at number two on the U.S. Billboard chart. The following year, the bandmembers dug deep into their record collections to curate an installment of the Late Night Tales mixtape series. In April 2013, MGMT released "Alien Days", a cassette single that previewed their self-titled third record, which was released that September. ~ Stewart Mason & Andrew Leahey
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Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Kids
  3.   Electric Feel
  4.   Time to Pretend
  5.   Congratulations
  6.   Weekend Wars
  7.   Flash Delirium
  8.   The Handshake
  9.   Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
  10.   The Youth
  11.   It's Working
  12.   Future Reflections
  13.   Siberian Breaks
  14.   Someone's Missing
  15.   Your Life Is a Lie
  16.   Indie Rokkers
  17.   Drug Song
  18.   Plenty of Girls in the Sea
  19.   Pieces of What
  20.   Can't See Through It
  21.   Red Indians
  22.   A Good Sadness
  23.   Introspection
  24.   Lord Can You Hear Me?
  25.   Pink Frost
  26.   Hearts Are Like Flowers
  27.   Troubled Mind
  28.   Laughing Boy
  29.   Ocean
  30.   Cheree
  31.   Love You Girl
  32.   Sparks
  33.   MGMT Late Night Tales Continuous Mix
  34.   For Belgian Friends
  35.   All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
  36.   Brian Eno
  37.   Boogie Down
  38.   Photos from the Time to Pretend Video Shoot
  39.   Tour Photo Album
  40.   Song for Dan Treacy
  41.   An Orphan of Fortune
  42.   Astro-Mancy
  43.   Mound of Clay
  44.   Lost for Words Pt. 2
  45.   Destrokk
  46.   Late Night Tales: MGMT Continuous Mix
  47.   I Love You Too, Death
  48.   Mystery Disease
  49.   Cool Song No. 2
  50.   Morning Splendour
  51.   Melancholy Man
  52.   Stop & Smell the Roses
  53.   Love Always Remains
  54.   Future Games
  55.   Metanoia
  56.   4th Dimensional Transition
  57.   Song for Wilde
  58.   I Found a Whistle
  59.   Lady Dada's Nightmare
  60.   Alien Days

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