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Mike Gordon

The bassist/vocalist for the jam band Phish, Mike Gordon is also a multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker. Born in Sudbury, Massachusetts in 1965, Gordon formed his first band in high school. In 1983, while attending the University of Vermont, he formed the jam band Phish along with guitarists Trey Anastasio and Jeff Holdsworth and drummer Jon Fishman. On his own, Gordon has an inclination toward bluegrass and Jewish folk music and plays a variety of instruments including guitar, banjo, and piano. An avid filmmaker and photographer, he has shot music videos for Phish and directed the 2000 feature film Outside Out. He released his debut solo album, Inside In, on Ropeadope in 2003. Green Sparrow followed on Rounder in 2008 and Gordon stuck with that label for his eclectic 2010 effort Moss. Following these albums, a busy live schedule with Phish ensued, and during this period the band began and ended each year with a set of sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden. A fourth solo studio album, Overstep, appeared early in 2014. Following the release of and subsequent tour for Phish's 2016 effort, Big Boat, Gordon resumed gigging with his own solo band with whom he recorded 2017's Ogogo for ATO Records. ~ Matt Collar
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Mike Gordon

  1.   Song
  2.   Peel
  3.   Surface
  4.   Long Black Line
  5.   Victim
  6.   Idea
  7.   Steps
  8.   Paint
  9.   Admoop
  10.   The Beltless Buckler
  11.   Oh Well by Leo Kottke
  12.   Marissa
  13.   Sound
  14.   Pretend
  15.   Major Minor
  16.   Gatekeeper
  17.   Cherry County by Leo Kottke
  18.   The Stolen Quiet by Leo Kottke
  19.   With
  20.   The Collins Missile
  21.   Whirlwind
  22.   Why Don't You Do Right?
  23.   Take Me Out
  24.   Invisible by Leo Kottke
  25.   Jaded
  26.   Jumping
  27.   Middle of the Road
  28.   Ya Mar by Leo Kottke
  29.   June
  30.   Stealing Jamaica
  31.   Equilibrium
  32.   Tiny Little World
  33.   Exit Wound
  34.   I Am a Lonesome Fugitive
  35.   Andelmans' Yard
  36.   Arko
  37.   Let's Go
  38.   So Far Gone
  39.   Pendulum
  40.   Up and Down
  41.   Crazy Sometimes
  42.   Ether
  43.   What Things Seem
  44.   The Void
  45.   Spiral
  46.   Flashback
  47.   Can't Stand Still
  48.   Babylon Baby
  49.   Morphing Again
  50.   Radar Blip
  51.   Traveled Too Far
  52.   Voices
  53.   Steel Bones
  54.   Soulfood Man
  55.   Bone Delay
  56.   Whip
  57.   Twice by Leo Kottke
  58.   Te Veo
  59.   Sweet Emotion by Leo Kottke
  60.   Over the Dam by Leo Kottke
  61.   From Spink to Correctionville by Leo Kottke
  62.   Clone
  63.   Balloon by Leo Kottke
  64.   Can't Hang by Leo Kottke
  65.   Car Carrier Blues
  66.   The Grid by Leo Kottke
  67.   Different World
  68.   Outside Out
  69.   Another Door
  70.   Dig Further Down
  71.   Gadget
  72.   Victim 3D
  73.   You Got to Give
  74.   Disco
  75.   Horizon Line
  76.   Got Away
  77.   Clay
  78.   From Pizza Towers to Defeat
  79.   Go Away
  80.   Fire from a Stick
  81.   The Lesson
  82.   Couch Lady
  83.   Face
  84.   Yarmouth Road
  85.   The Teacher
  86.   Say Something

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