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Mike Birbiglia

Growing up in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, comedian Mike Birbiglia tried many different outlets for his creativity. Poetry held his interest early on, but by his teen years he had switched to hip-hop and written a rap for the graduation ceremony of his school's anti-drug program. Going to see Steven Wright on his 16th birthday steered Birbiglia toward standup. He would be writing quirky one-liners in the Wright style all the way up to his early years of college in the Washington, D.C., area. He began working the ticket window at the D.C. Improv, and there he decided to develop his Wright-like act into something more real and biographical. After studying the work of Woody Allen and Richard Pryor, Birbiglia developed a mix of one-liners and personal stories that would instantly connect with audiences. He refined his act around D.C. before moving to New York City and taking any gig he could get. A successful night at the Comic Strip Live introduced Birbiglia to the club's general manager and talent coordinator, the late Lucien Hold, who set up a string of shows that introduced the comedian to talent scouts and helped him land a David Letterman appearance. Success snowballed from there and soon Birbiglia was touring nationally, appearing regularly on the Bob & Tom radio show with his "My Secret Public Journal" segment, and developing projects for the Comedy Central network and record label. In 2004, Dog Years became his debut album for the label. His fan base grew quickly and soon indie-style T-shirts quoting Birbiglia routines were virally spreading the word. As "Cracker, please" and "Only we can call each other Cracker" shirts were being spotted on hipsters, the comedian returned with the CD/DVD combo Two Drink Mike in early 2006. Based off his blog of the same name, My Secret Public Journal Live appeared in 2007. Birbiglia opened his first off-Broadway show, Sleepwalk with Me, the following year, and spent the rest of the decade spinning that show into different projects. An accompanying nonfiction book, Sleepwalk with Me and Other Painfully True Stories, appeared in 2010, followed one year later by the album Sleepwalk with Me Live. Another stage show, Mike Birbiglia's My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, opened that March. ~ David Jeffries
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Mike Birbiglia

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Mike Birbiglia

  1.   Song
  2.   The Old Mill Pond Story
  3.   Landfill Pretzels
  4.   Sleepy Karl
  5.   Sympathy Card
  6.   Joe Bags
  7.   You'd Be Surprised
  8.   Jack & Irma's Magic Phones
  9.   Orange Asian Tigers
  10.   Pachoo!
  11.   Arctic Fox It's a Setup!
  12.   You Can't Shoot the Shooter
  13.   Like Fun
  14.   Porno for Parents
  15.   Sex, Tennis, And Pandas
  16.   The Oatmeal Song
  17.   The Promise of Sleep
  18.   Roger Clemens Hates Me
  19.   Delusion
  20.   Two Drink Mike
  21.   Cracka
  22.   I'm Crazy and Gay Cats
  23.   Dammit I'm Eatin' Pretzels
  24.   Whatever You Are, Be a Good One
  25.   Whiffle Ball Tony
  26.   No, But I Heard About It
  27.   Celebrity Golf
  28.   The Guitar Guy at the Party
  29.   Way Past Lawyers
  30.   I Have Wheels!
  31.   Panda
  32.   Strong Independant Woman
  33.   Ladies and Gentlemen
  34.   Online Banks
  35.   In da Club
  36.   Laundraholic
  37.   You Seem Cool
  38.   Military Brat
  39.   10 to 400 Pounds
  40.   Dying and Wendy's
  41.   Good Joke, Bad Joke
  42.   Put It on Paper
  43.   Catholic School Sunglasses
  44.   Abbie
  45.   Fight Club
  46.   Dustbuster Olympics
  47.   My Brother Joe's Wedding
  48.   There's Something in My Bladder
  49.   The Missile
  50.   I'm Right
  51.   A Sex Maybe
  52.   Alaska, Texas
  53.   Hi
  54.   Dunkino Donutos
  55.   The Culinary Way of Describing It
  56.   What's He Doing Here?
  57.   Cracker Please
  58.   Vet Questionnaire
  59.   The Argument
  60.   Doctor
  61.   Winter In Bermuda
  62.   My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
  63.   Automobiles
  64.   Cattle Call Dance
  65.   The Scrambler
  66.   The Olive Gardener
  67.   Hip Hop Animosity
  68.   Don't Tell Anyone
  69.   I'm a Bear, Etc.
  70.   Wedding Story
  71.   Thanks for Coming Song
  72.   The Hovering Jackal
  73.   Intro
  74.   Invite Them Up
  75.   The Accident Report
  76.   Medium Man Song
  77.   Finding a Woman
  78.   Secret Public Journal: The Old Mill Pond

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