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Miniature Tigers

Although declared "one of the 25 best bands on MySpace" by Rolling Stone in late 2006, Miniature Tigers rose to wider attention with the release of their 2008 debut, Tell It to the Volcano. The band was founded by songwriter Charlie Brand, an Arizona native who avoided his state's sky-high temperatures by writing songs in his bedroom. The resulting material paired Brand's acoustic guitar with a wide range of pop influences -- the Cars' strut, Weezer's snark, Phil Spector's polish -- and Miniature Tigers soon inked a deal with Modern Art Records, a label co-founded by fellow Phoenix-based group Chronic Future. With drummer Rick Schaier, guitarist Algernon Quashie, and bassist Alex Gerber also on board, Miniature Tigers released the breezy Tell It to the Volcano in September 2008. Between the cross-country tours that followed, Miniature Tigers found enough downtime to pull up stakes and move to Brooklyn, where Brand began writing songs that were more experimental than Tell It to the Volcano's acoustic-based pop. Members of Neon Indian and the Morning Benders were enlisted to produce the material, which was recorded in upstate New York and released in summer 2010 as Fortress. In 2012, Miniature Tigers returned with the more '80s synth- and dance-oriented Mia Pharaoh. Two years later, they delivered the similarly disco and synth pop-infused Cruel Runnings, featuring production from Chris Zane (Walkmen, Passion Pit). ~ Andrew Leahey
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Miniature Tigers

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Miniature Tigers

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Miniature Tigers

  1.   Song
  2.   Cannibal Queen
  3.   Tell It to the Volcano
  4.   Dino Damage
  5.   The Wolf
  6.   Sex on the Regular
  7.   Female Doctor
  8.   Goldskull
  9.   Rock N' Roll Mountain Troll
  10.   Like or Like Like
  11.   Give It Up to Guru
  12.   I Can't Stop
  13.   Nobody Else
  14.   Annie Oakley
  15.   I'm Awake Now
  16.   Sadistic Kisses
  17.   Dream Girl
  18.   Swimming Pool Blues
  19.   Cleopatra
  20.   Black Magic
  21.   Tropical Birds
  22.   Tchaikovsky & Solitude
  23.   Last Night's Fake Blood
  24.   Giraffe
  25.   Octopus
  26.   Better Apart
  27.   Dreaming
  28.   Angel Bath
  29.   I Dreamt I Was a Cowboy
  30.   Used to Be the Shit
  31.   Before You
  32.   Viking Hearts
  33.   Pleasure Princess
  34.   Japanese Woman Living In My Closet
  35.   Hologram Girl
  36.   Haunted Pyramid
  37.   Selfish Girl
  38.   UTBTS
  39.   Hot Venom
  40.   I Never Want Our Love to End
  41.   Wheat
  42.   Pictures of You
  43.   My Girl Forever
  44.   Frazier Ave
  45.   Ugly Needs
  46.   Afternoons with David Hockney
  47.   Vietnam
  48.   Mansion of Misery
  49.   Lolita
  50.   Egyptian Robe
  51.   Dark Tower
  52.   Coyote Enchantment
  53.   Oblivious
  54.   Bullfighter Jacket
  55.   Crying in the Sunshine
  56.   White Magic
  57.   Wish It Was Now
  58.   Easy as All That
  59.   Flower Door
  60.   Miami
  61.   Boomerang
  62.   Husbands and Wives

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