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Minus the Bear

With catchy song titles like "Hey, Wanna Throw Up? Get Me Naked," "Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!," and "Lemurs, Man, Lemurs," it's hard not to be at least a little bit curious about this Seattle-based quintet. Featuring members of Botch, Kill Sadie, and Sharks Keep Moving, Minus the Bear emerged on Seattle's music scene in 2001 with the release of their six-song EP This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic. The band comprised guitarist Dave Knudson, vocalist/guitarist Jake Snider, drummer Erin Tate, and bassist Cory Murchy. Though the bandmembers entered the studio before they ever played a show, they toured aggressively in support of the EP, then returned to the studio to record 2002's Highly Refined Pirates, their first full-length album. Both the EP and LP were released by Seattle-based Suicide Squeeze Records. Though the song titles may lead one to believe that they're a novelty act, Minus the Bear provide polished, shrewdly arranged songs. Finger-tapped guitar riffs mixed with catchy melodies and unexpected time changes keep listeners interested and entertained. Minus the Bear issued two EPs in 2004: Bands Like It When You Yell "Yar!" at Them on Suicide Squeeze and They Make Beer Commercials Like This on Arena Rock. Their next full-length, the self-produced Menos el Oso (Spanish for Minus the Bear), appeared in August 2005; the remix album Interpretaciones del Oso followed in early 2007. The band released the full-length Planet of Ice later that year. In 2009 the band went into the studio with My Morning Jacket producer Joe Chiccarelli, and the following year released the album Omni through Dangerbird Records. Their fifth album, Infinity Overhead, followed on the label in 2012. Two years later Minus the Bear returned with Lost Loves, a B-sides and rarities collection featuring songs culled from the recording sessions of their previous three studio albums. ~ Laurel Greenidge
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Minus the Bear

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Minus the Bear

  1.   Song
  2.   Pachuca Sunrise
  3.   Hey! Is That a Ninja Up There?
  4.   Fine + Two Pts.
  5.   Hooray
  6.   Knights
  7.   My Time
  8.   Throwin' Shapes
  9.   Women We Haven't Met Yet
  10.   When We Escape
  11.   Drilling
  12.   Steel and Blood
  13.   Animal Backwards
  14.   Spritz Spritz
  15.   Summer Angel
  16.   Memphis And 53rd
  17.   Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse
  18.   Michio's Death Drive
  19.   Just Kickin’ It Like a Wild Donkey
  20.   Damn Bugs Whacked Him, Johnny
  21.   The Game Needed Me [The Oktopus Remix]
  22.   Ice Monster
  23.   Dr. L'Ling
  24.   Michio's Death Drive [Michio A.K.A. Monostereo Remix]
  25.   Invented Memory
  26.   You Kill Bugs Good, Man
  27.   This and a Surgin' Movie [Iqu 06 Mix]
  28.   Into the Mirror
  29.   Hey Wanna Throw Up? Get Me Naked
  30.   Heaven Is a Ghost Town
  31.   Lies and Eyes
  32.   Get Me Naked 2: the Electric Boogaloo
  33.   Dayglow Vista Rd.
  34.   Double Vision Quest
  35.   White Mystery
  36.   The Game Needed Me
  37.   This Ain't a Surfin' Movie
  38.   Fulfill the Dream
  39.   Andy Wolff
  40.   Pantsuit...Ugghhh
  41.   Lemurs, Man, Lemurs
  42.   The Lucky Ones
  43.   Surf-N-Turf
  44.   Electric Rainbow
  45.   Cold Company
  46.   Lonely Gun
  47.   Zeros
  48.   Empty Party Rooms
  49.   Toska
  50.   Diamond Lightning
  51.   Your Private Sky
  52.   Secret Country
  53.   Hold Me Down
  54.   Fooled by the Night
  55.   Excuses
  56.   Pachuca Sunrise [Alias Remix]
  57.   Drilling [P.O. S Redo]
  58.   Burying Luck
  59.   Lotus
  60.   Part 2
  61.   The Fix
  62.   Dog Park
  63.   Let's Play Guitar In A Five Guitar Band
  64.   I Lost All My Money At The Cock Fights
  65.   Thanks For The Killer Game Of Criscor Twister
  66.   Untitled
  67.   Intro
  68.   El Torrente
  69.   Fulfill the Dream [Old Italy Remix Tyondai Braxton] <