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Like his older sister, singer/songwriter Heather Nova (born Heather Frith), pop-reggae singer Mishka grew up at sea, traveling from island to island in the West Indies on his Canadian parents' sailboat, where he received most of his education and listened to whatever music he could. When his parents returned to Canada, he completed school and returned to the Caribbean, eventually becoming a competitive windsurfer and representing Bermuda at international meets. In the meantime, he had also taken up songwriting, and he chanced to meet and impress Creation Records head Alan McGee with his vocal ability in late 1996; with prodding from Nova, Mishka was signed to a record contract the following year. His eponymous debut album, a mix of pop, reggae, soul, and singer/songwriter folk-rock, was released in 1999. ~ Steve Huey
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  1.   Song
  2.   Honesty
  3.   Still Got Love
  4.   Steady-Dub-Rock
  5.   Love And Roots
  6.   Stars Will Be Shining
  7.   Johannah
  8.   The Journey
  9.   Bring a Man Down
  10.   Free
  11.   Sometime the One
  12.   Angles and Devils
  13.   Never Give Up On You
  14.   Come Closer
  15.   All of This Time
  16.   Shadow in the Shade
  17.   Can't Get Enough
  18.   Stay by My Side
  19.   Long Road
  20.   Coastline Journey
  21.   Dust Your Blood Dub
  22.   My Love Goes With You
  23.   Give You All the Love
  24.   Forward Jah Jah Children
  25.   Rock Steady
  26.   Worth the Dub
  27.   Back For More
  28.   Constant Revolution
  29.   Ocean Is My Potion by Jimmy Buffett
  30.   Music of the Moment
  31.   Keep on Lovin'
  32.   Fallen to Rise
  33.   Dead End Streets
  34.   Mountains Meet the Sea
  35.   Sometimes the Ones
  36.   No Need to Worry
  37.   Love and Devotion
  38.   One Tree
  39.   When The Rain Comes Down
  40.   Another Like You
  41.   One True
  42.   Anything Anytime Anywhere
  43.   Prophet of Time
  44.   Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season by Jimmy Buffett
  45.   Same Old Changes
  46.   Higher Heights
  47.   More Greens by Horseman
  48.   Bittersweet
  49.   The Keys
  50.   Rebel Soul
  51.   Happy
  52.   Hey Hey My My
  53.   Lonely
  54.   As You Are
  55.   Nah Nah Nah
  56.   Give Them Love
  57.   Cool Down
  58.   Love In the Making
  59.   Out the Door
  60.   My Son
  61.   Frozen Flame
  62.   Angels and Devils
  63.   Homegrown by Willie Nelson
  64.   In a Serious Way
  65.   All Jokes Aside
  66.   Want You Tonight
  67.   Peace and Love
  68.   Roots Fidelity
  69.   Worth the Wait
  70.   Face to Face
  71.   Fly
  72.   Love You (When I'm Close To You)
  73.   Catch This Train
  74.   Struggle Remains
  75.   Serious Way
  76.   Riddim For Your Rights
  77.   Rock With Me
  78.   Just Keep Livin
  79.   Talk About
  80.   Above the Bones
  81.   Guy with a Guitar
  82.   What's Gonna Be
  83.   Righteousness
  84.   Head Around You
  85.   Lovestruck
  86.   Sky
  87.   Tell You 'Bout
  88.   Tonight
  89.   Dust in Your Blood Dub
  90.   Roots of Creation
  91.   Homegrown

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