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Morphine is a rarity -- bluesy, bare-bones rock & roll without any guitars. Instead of guitar riffs, the trio relies on sliding two-string basslines, raucous saxophones, and wry, ironically detached vocals. During the mid-'90s, Morphine gained a sizable cult following in America, primarily due to good word of mouth, heavy college airplay, and positive reviews. Morphine was formed in 1990 by bassist/vocalist Mark Sandman, who had previously played with the bluesy alternative rock band Treat Her Right, and Dana Colley (tenor and baritone saxophone), a former member of the local Boston group Three Colors. Sandman and Colley added drummer Jerome Dupree to complete the lineup. The group released its debut album, Good, on the independent Accurate/Distortion label in 1991; it was reissued on Rykodisc Records in 1992. Good received substantial airplay on American college radio stations, as well as favorable reviews in alternative publications across the country. After the release of Good, Dupree left the band and was replaced by Billy Conway, who had previously played with Sandman in Treat Her Right. The positive reception to Good set the stage for 1993's Cure for Pain, which received good reviews from a variety of music and mainstream publications upon its spring release. Morphine supported Cure for Pain with an extensive American and European tour that lasted throughout 1994, which helped the album sell over 300,000 copies -- an impressive feat for an independent release. In 1995, Morphine released their third album, Yes, which also received favorable reviews and helped the band sustain its large cult following. The success of Cure for Pain and Yes also attracted the attention of major record labels, and in late 1996, Dreamworks bought out the majority share of Morphine's contract from Rykodisc. Like Swimming, the group's debut for Dreamworks, was released in the spring of 1997 to generally favorable reviews, yet it failed to break Morphine out of cult status. On July 3, 1999, Sandman collapsed on-stage during a performance in Rome, dying of a heart attack at the age of 46. The Night was posthumously issued early the following year and the live disc Bootleg Detroit appeared in fall 2000. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1.   Song
  2.   Cure for Pain
  3.   Honey White
  4.   Buena
  5.   Hanging on a Curtain
  6.   Early to Bed
  7.   All Wrong
  8.   Let's Take a Trip Together
  9.   I'm Free Now
  10.   Sheila
  11.   Super Sex
  12.   Free Love
  13.   Sharks
  14.   The Jury
  15.   All Your Way
  16.   Yes
  17.   Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave
  18.   The Saddest Song
  19.   In Spite of Me
  20.   Candy
  21.   I Had My Chance
  22.   A Head With Wings
  23.   Put It Down (Wo-Oh)
  24.   Moons of Jupiter
  25.   Lunch in Hell
  26.   It's Not Like That Anymore
  27.   At Your Service
  28.   Scratch
  29.   Like a Mirror
  30.   Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer
  31.   Good
  32.   French Fries With Pepper
  33.   Murder for the Money
  34.   Like Swimming
  35.   Miles Davis' Funeral
  36.   Mary Won't You Call My Name?
  37.   Thursday
  38.   Bye Bye Johnny
  39.   Dawna
  40.   Come Over
  41.   Shame
  42.   Shadow
  43.   Shade
  44.   Patience
  45.   Imaginary Song
  46.   I'd Catch You
  47.   5:09
  48.   Sexy Christmas Baby Mine
  49.   I Had a Chance
  50.   Whisper
  51.   Banter#3
  52.   Banter#1
  53.   Dana Intro
  54.   Come Along
  55.   Intro
  56.   Take Me with You
  57.   The Way We Met
  58.   I'm Yours, You're Mine
  59.   Rope on Fire
  60.   Souvenir
  61.   So Many Ways
  62.   The Night
  63.   You're an Artist
  64.   I Know You (Pt. 1)
  65.   The Other Side
  66.   The Only One
  67.   Lisa
  68.   You Speak My Language
  69.   Claire
  70.   My Brain
  71.   Pulled Over the Car
  72.   Down Love's Tributaries
  73.   You Look Like Rain
  74.   Mail
  75.   Radar
  76.   Kerouac
  77.   Swing It Low
  78.   Empty Box
  79.   I Know You, Pt. 3
  80.   Potion
  81.   Gone for Good
  82.   Mile High
  83.   I Know You, Pt. 2
  84.   Have a Lucky Day
  85.   Bo's Veranda
  86.   Call Back
  87.   Mary
  88.   Shoot 'Em Down
  89.   Banter#2
  90.   Women R Dogs
  91.   Lilah II
  92.   Wishing Well
  93.   Slow Numbers
  94.   Lilah
  95.   Billy Intro
  96.   Hello Baby
  97.   Test-Tube Baby/Shoot'm Down
  98.   Sunday Afternoon Weightlessness
  99.   A Good Woman Is Hard to Find
  100.   Sharks Patrol These Waters