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Mother Mother

Playing smart and amiable folk-rock with an alternative edge, biting wit, and a jazzy sense of sophistication, Mother Mother hail from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and true to their name they started out as a family affair. Guitarist and singer Ryan Guldemond had been writing songs and wanted to start playing them at local clubs. Feeling the tunes needed harmonies, he asked his sister Molly Guldemond to join him. Molly invited her friend Debra-Jean Creelman to add her voice to the mix, and the group's three-part harmonies were soon wowing audiences. In late 2005, Mother Mother recorded and released a self-titled and self-released CD, with bassist Jeremy Page and drummer Kenton Loewen coming aboard as the group's new rhythm section. The album sold poorly, but earned enthusiastic reviews, and helped the band score some high-profile gigs, including the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Pop Montreal Festival, and spots opening for the Wailin' Jennys, the Dears, Think About Life, and the Cat Empire. Mother Mother's solid live shows and positive press earned the attention of the Canadian label Last Gang Records, who signed the band to a deal and made plans to re-release their debut album. Given a new mix, some additional overdubs, and two new songs, the album was renamed Touch Up and fared much better commercially the second time around, as well as generating a new batch of enthusiastic reviews upon its release in early 2007. The band then underwent some lineup changes: Ali Siadat replaced Loewen on drums for 2008's O My Heart, and later that year Creelman left the band, with Jasmin Parkin joining on keyboards soon after. With their third album, 2011's Eureka, the quintet broke through commercially, hitting the Billboard Canadian Album Top Ten, followed by 2012's The Sticks, which climbed to number 11. Their success led to a deal with Universal Music Canada, and the heavier, technology-themed synth rock sound of 2014's Very Good Bad Thing hit the Top Five and earned the band a nomination for Group of the Year at the 2015 Juno Awards. A U.S. release followed that spring on Def Jam Recordings. In November 2016 Mother Mother issued a new single, "The Drugs," in anticipation of their upcoming sixth studio long-player, No Culture, which arrived the following year. ~ Mark Deming & Marcy Donelson
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Mother Mother

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Mother Mother

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Mother Mother

  1.   Song
  2.   Body of Years
  3.   The Stand
  4.   Hayloft
  5.   Chasing It Down
  6.   The Drugs
  7.   Calm Me Down
  8.   Monkey Tree
  9.   Get Out the Way
  10.   To The Wild
  11.   Bit By Bit
  12.   Oleander
  13.   Letter
  14.   Body
  15.   Baby Boy
  16.   Touch Up
  17.   Ghosting
  18.   Family
  19.   Reaper Man
  20.   O My Heart
  21.   Alone and Sublime
  22.   Very Good Bad Thing
  23.   Dread In My Heart
  24.   Infinitesimal
  25.   The Sticks
  26.   Aspiring Fires
  27.   Wrecking Ball
  28.   Little Hands
  29.   No Culture
  30.   Mouth of the Devil
  31.   Love Stuck
  32.   All Gone
  33.   Cesspool Of Love
  34.   Slip Away
  35.   Love It Dissipates
  36.   Omen
  37.   Latter Days
  38.   Body Of Years/Gouge Away
  39.   Let's Fall In Love
  40.   Problems
  41.   Original Spin
  42.   Getaway
  43.   Sleep Awake
  44.   Miles
  45.   Arms Tonite
  46.   Wisdom
  47.   Try to Change
  48.   Burning Pile
  49.   Oh Ana
  50.   Train of Thought
  51.   Verbatim
  52.   Baby Don't Dance
  53.   Waiting For The World To End
  54.   Neighbour
  55.   Cut the String
  56.   Everything Is Happening
  57.   Back in School
  58.   Free
  59.   Shout If You Know
  60.   Kept Down
  61.   Have It Out
  62.   I Go Hungry
  63.   Modern Love
  64.   The Cry Forum
  65.   Happy
  66.   Simply Simple
  67.   Far in Time
  68.   Angry Sea
  69.   Love and Truth
  70.   Worry
  71.   Empty Hands
  72.   Ball Cap
  73.   Carve A Name
  74.   In The Wings
  75.   Business Man
  76.   Little Pistol
  77.   Born in a Flash
  78.   Tic Toc
  79.   Dirty Town
  80.   Bright Idea
  81.   Polynesia
  82.   Legs Away

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