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Heavy metal quartet Mudvayne formed in Peoria, IL, in 1996, its members adopting the unusual pseudonyms sPaG (M. McDonough) (drums), Gurrg (G. Tribbett) (guitar), and Kud (Chad Gray) (vocals). The group's original bassist was replaced after two years by Ryknow (Ryan Martinie). During their development, the bandmembers began the practice of applying bizarre makeup. After self-releasing their first album, Kill, I Oughta, they were signed by Epic Records and recorded their major-label debut, L.D. 50, which was released in August 2000 shortly after the end of their first national tour opening for Slipknot. The album later went gold and earned Mudvayne the first-ever MTV2 Video Award at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. Mudvayne continued touring and reissued their self-released debut EP, Kill, I Oughta, in November 2001 as The Beginning of All Things to End. A year later the band returned with its official follow-up, The End of All Things to Come, which was recorded at Minneapolis' Pachyderm Studios with Tool producer David Bottrill. With a new album came new personas, this time as space aliens. The bandmembers changed their names accordingly, taking the new monikers of Chüd (Kud), Güüg (Gurrg), R-üD (Ryknow), and Spüg (sPaG). They embarked on a European tour, arriving back stateside in July to join the Summer Sanitarium shed tour, featuring such heavyweights as Metallica and Linkin Park. In 2005, the band released Lost and Found, their third album for Epic. In September 2007, Mudvayne announced they would allow fans to vote on the band's website to determine the track selection for the compilation By the People, for the People, released the following month. The all new full-length New Game arrived in November 2008, followed six months later by an eponymous 2009 effort. ~ William Ruhlmann
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    Metal Mosh Pit
    9 songs

    Xtreme Alt Rock

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Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Happy?
  3.   Do What You Do
  4.   Scream with Me
  5.   Dig
  6.   Fall into Sleep
  7.   Not Falling
  8.   Scarlet Letters
  9.   Forget to Remember
  10.   The End of All Things to Come
  11.   Death Blooms
  12.   World So Cold
  13.   Dull Boy
  14.   Determined
  15.   Pushing Through
  16.   Fish Out of Water
  17.   Internal Primates Forever
  18.   King of Pain
  19.   12:97:24:99
  20.   Mercy, Severity
  21.   Small Silhouette
  22.   Never Enough
  23.   All Talk
  24.   Under My Skin
  25.   The Hate in Me
  26.   (Per)version of a Truth
  27.   A Cinderella Story
  28.   IMN
  29.   Same Ol'
  30.   Severed
  31.   Dead Inside
  32.   Have It Your Way
  33.   I.D.I.O.T.
  34.   A Key to Nothing
  35.   Closer
  36.   Beautiful and Strange
  37.   All That You Are
  38.   Poop Loser
  39.   Forget to Remember Intro
  40.   Album Intro
  41.   Pulling the String
  42.   Just
  43.   The Patient Mental
  44.   Trapped in the Wake of a Dream
  45.   Seed
  46.   Monolith
  47.   Burn the Bridge
  48.   Beyond the Pale
  49.   1000 Mile Journey
  50.   -1 Intro
  51.   TV Radio
  52.   Choices
  53.   Goodbye
  54.   Shadow of a Man
  55.   Solve et Coagula
  56.   Skrying
  57.   Silenced
  58.   Fear
  59.   Coal
  60.   Pharmaecopia
  61.   Everything and Nothing
  62.   Nothing to Gein
  63.   Golden Ratio
  64.   -1
  65.   Out to Pasture
  66.   I Can't Wait
  67.   Heard It All Before
  68.   Cradle
  69.   Mutatis Mutandis
  70.   Recombinant Resurgence
  71.   Prod
  72.   (K)now F(orever)
  73.   Lethal Dosage
  74.   Cultivate
  75.   Some Assembly Required
  76.   Central Disposal
  77.   L.D. 50
  78.   On the Move
  79.   Rain. Sun. Gone.
  80.   Dig Intro
  81.   Silenced Intro
  82.   Dull Boy Intro
  83.   Death Blooms Intro
  84.   Fall into Sleep Intro
  85.   Not Falling Intro
  86.   Happy Intro
  87.   (Per)version of a Truth Intro
  88.   World So Cold Intro
  89.   On the Move Intro
  90.   Goodbye Intro
  91.   Skrying Intro
  92.   All That You Are Intro
  93.   King of Pain Intro
  94.   A New Game
  95.   We the People
  96.   Death Bombs

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