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Mute Math

Taking cues from several decades of alternative rock, MUTEMATH (also known as Mute Math and MuteMath) fuse together New Order's synth-dance epics, the Stone Roses' shambling shuffle, Radiohead's chilliness, Air's ambient pop, and the booming vocals of mainstream pop/rock. Singer Paul Meany, formerly of the Christian rock group Earthsuit, was working in New Orleans when he began a long-distance musical correspondence with drummer/programmer Darren King, who was based in Springfield, Missouri. The two began sending CD-Rs back and forth up the Mississippi River, eventually putting enough songs together to convince King to relocate to New Orleans and start a proper band. After adding guitarist Greg Hill and bassist Roy Mitchell-Cardenas, the new band completed the Meany-King compositions in 2003; Meany then took the resulting demo to noted CCM producer Tedd T., who was enthusiastic enough to launch a new indie label, Teleprompt Records, in order to release 2004's Reset EP. The EP's success allowed MUTEMATH and Teleprompt to negotiate a distribution deal with Warner Bros., which reissued the EP in 2005. Although MUTEMATH completed their self-titled debut album that same year, marketing disputes between Teleprompt and Warner Bros. delayed its release for nearly a year. MUTEMATH and Teleprompt filed suit against the major label, claiming breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation. The band's website announced that the suit was settled out of court, concurrent with the signing of an improved deal with Warner Bros. An expanded version of MUTEMATH, featuring remastered tracks from Reset and a bonus limited-edition live EP, was released on September 26, 2006. "Typical" proved to be a modestly successful single, cracking the mainstream rock charts in 2007 and finding a home on MTV, where the song's Grammy-nominated video became a hit. Tours with Eisley, Alanis Morissette, and Matchbox Twenty honed the band's live chops, and MUTEMATH returned in 2009 with a new album, Armistice. The album debuted at number 18, and MUTEMATH toured heavily in support, capturing one of their live shows on the 2010 concert album Armistice Live. Todd Gummerman replaced guitarist Greg Hill that October, and the follow-up studio album, Odd Soul, was released in 2011. Vitals, the band's fourth studio long-player, was issued in 2015 via the band's own label, Wojtek Records, and featured the singles "Monument" and "Used To." The following year saw the release of "Changes," a new MUTEMATH single that, along with several remixes from the Vitals sessions, was included on an album of the same name. Following the departure of longtime bassist Mitchell-Cardenas, the band announced the release of "Hit Parade," the lead single from their fifth LP, Play Dead. One month before the album's September 2017 release, founding drummer King also departed. ~ Stewart Mason
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Albums by
Mute Math

Top Songs by
Mute Math

  1.   Song
  2.   Typical
  3.   Control
  4.   Chaos
  5.   Backfire
  6.   Blood Pressure
  7.   Changes
  8.   Monument
  9.   Spotlight
  10.   Break the Fever
  11.   Electrify
  12.   Used To
  13.   Hit Parade
  14.   Stroll On
  15.   Noticed
  16.   Armistice
  17.   The Nerve
  18.   Goodbye
  19.   War
  20.   Remain
  21.   Everything's New
  22.   Placed on Hold
  23.   Clockwork
  24.   Allies
  25.   Transformers Theme
  26.   Stratosphere
  27.   Pixie Oaks
  28.   Plan B
  29.   Light Up
  30.   Joy Rides
  31.   Odd Soul
  32.   Reset
  33.   Marching to the End
  34.   Safe If We Don't Look Down
  35.   Best of Intentions
  36.   Composed
  37.   Vitals
  38.   All I See
  39.   Intro
  40.   Tell Your Heart Heads Up
  41.   Prytania
  42.   In No Time
  43.   Equals
  44.   Cavalries
  45.   Burden
  46.   Odds
  47.   Pins and Needles
  48.   Clipping
  49.   Collapse
  50.   Stall Out
  51.   You Are Mine
  52.   Break the Same
  53.   Progress
  54.   Achilles Heel
  55.   Nuisance
  56.   Bulletproof
  57.   Quarantine
  58.   All or Nothing
  59.   Valium
  60.   No Response
  61.   Earlylight
  62.   Stare at the Sun
  63.   Obsolete
  64.   After We Have Left Our Homes
  65.   Lost Year
  66.   One More
  67.   Walking Paranoia
  68.   Stare At The Sun/Obsolete
  69.   Sun Ray
  70.   Picture

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