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Once one of the leading rappers on Master P's No Limit record label, Mystikal quickly evolved beyond the label's clichéd thug trappings and found himself one of the Dirty South's most recognized rappers, alongside the likes of Juvenile and Ludacris. Like No Limit itself, Mystikal is a New Orleans native. He released an eponymous debut on the independent label Big Boy in June 1995. It earned the attention of Jive Records, who signed him later that year. His official major-label debut, Mind of Mystikal, was released in October 1996 and became a major hit in the rap underground, falling just short of going gold. The MC then hooked up with Master P and No Limit, along with the label's Beats by the Pound production team. This union produced Unpredictable, which was released in November 1997 and helped the rapper build a substantial following. It peaked at number one on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, reached number three on the Billboard 200, and eventually went platinum. Ghetto Fabulous, also driven by Beats by the Pound, followed in December 1998; it topped the R&B/Hip Hop Chart as well and debuted at number five on the Billboard 200. Despite a move to the Jive label, Mystikal wasted no time in issuing a follow-up. Let's Get Ready appeared in September 2000 and went double platinum. Driven by the James Brown-like Neptunes production "Shake Ya Ass" as a lead single -- an MTV staple before the album even hit the streets -- the album featured a vast range of productions from Earthtone III, Bink!, and the Medicine Men (a newer incarnation of Beats by the Pound). Let's Get Ready demonstrated the wide-reaching ambitions that had only been hinted at in previous releases. Mystikal made his unique rhyme delivery accessible enough to reach a significantly wider audience. Mystikal released his sixth album, Tarantula, in December 2001. "Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall)," another funky Neptunes collaboration, was one of 2002's hottest singles. The following year, Mystikal garnered Grammy nominations in the categories of Best Male Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Album. Tarantuala eventually reached gold status but didn't come close to eclipsing his most popular output. From January 2004 through January 2010, the rapper served a prison term for sexual battery. Shortly after he regained his freedom, he collaborated with one-time No Limit labelmate Fiend, as well as R&B singer Lloyd, and performed at the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos festival. Plans for a seventh album were derailed by more issues with the law. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine & Andy Kellman
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  1.   Song
  2.   Shake Ya Ass
  3.   Danger (Been So Long)
  4.   Stutter
  5.   Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall)
  6.   The Man Right Chea
  7.   Here I Go
  8.   Shake It Fast
  9.   I Smell Smoke
  10.   Still Smokin'
  11.   If It Ain't Live, It Ain't Me
  12.   Tarantula
  13.   Whacha Want, Whacha Need
  14.   Born 2 Be a Soldier featuring Master P
  15.   Pussy Crook
  16.   Out That Boot Camp Clicc. by Black Menace
  17.   Big Truck Driver
  18.   Smoked Out
  19.   Unpredictable
  20.   Murderer
  21.   Go 'Head
  22.   Big Truck Boys
  23.   I'm on Fire
  24.   Dick on the Track
  25.   U Can't Handle This
  26.   We Got the Clout by Mia X
  27.   Murder 2
  28.   Ya'll Ain't Ready Yet
  29.   Original
  30.   [Untitled Hidden Track]
  31.   Paper Stack
  32.   [Untitled]
  33.   Family
  34.   Mystikal Fever
  35.   Round Out the Tank
  36.   The Edge of the Blade
  37.   That's the N***a
  38.   Shine
  39.   Here We Go featuring B-Legit
  40.   Did I Do It
  41.   Ghetto Child featuring Master P
  42.   13 Years
  43.   I'm
  44.   That's the Rapper
  45.   [Untitled Hidden Track]
  46.   The Braids
  47.   That's That Shit
  48.   Yaah!
  49.   Stack Yo Chips
  50.   The Stick Up
  51.   Keep It Hype
  52.   Ain't No Limit
  53.   Get Cha Mind Right
  54.   What Cha Think
  55.   That Nigga Ain't Shit!
  56.   Beware
  57.   Outro
  58.   Oochie Pop
  59.   Hypno
  60.   P***y Pop
  61.   The Return
  62.   I Get It Started
  63.   Smoke One
  64.   Ooooh Yeah
  65.   U Would If U Could
  66.   I Rock, I Roll
  67.   Ready to Rumble
  68.   Jump
  69.   Dirty South, Dirty Jerz
  70.   Respect My Mind
  71.   Ghetto Fabulous
  72.   Gangstas featuring Master P
  73.   Sleepin' with Me by O'Dell
  74.   Never Gonna Bounce (The Dream)
  75.   Not That Nigga
  76.   Mr. Hood Critic
  77.   Fell Back by Lil' Kano
  78.   Born Spitta
  79.   Pussy Pop
  80.   The New Guy
  81.   Shake Ya A** by Pharrell Williams
  82.   That's the Shit
  83.   Alright
  84.   Settle the Score
  85.   [Untitled Track]
  86.   Murderer III
  87.   Come See About Me
  88.   Ain't Gonna See Tomorrow
  89.   Smoke Something
  90.   Mind of Mystikal
  91.   Dedicated to Michelle Tyler
  92.   It Yearns
  93.   There He Go
  94.   Life Ain't Cool
  95.   Let's Go Do It
  96.   What's Your Alias?
  97.   Neck uv da Woods

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