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Little is known about extreme sonic terrorists Nails (and that's the way they like it) save that the trio hail from Southern California and consists of vocalist/guitarist Todd Jones (ex-Terror, Betrayed, Carry On, Snake Eyes, Internal Affairs), bassist John Gianelli, and drummer Taylor Young, and that their music takes hardcore to its illogically extreme conclusion (beyond grindcore, crustcore, etc.). So limited is the band's appeal, in fact, that their first two albums (if you can call them that, seeing as their ultra-brief songs add up to a mere 15 minutes in length), 2009's Obscene Humanity EP and 2010's Unsilent Death, were both issued in limited runs of 1,000 copies, before the latter gained wider distribution through a Southern Lord reissue. A second proper album, the hyper-intense and ultra-compact Abandon All Life, arrived on the label in 2013. The trio returned with their slightly longer yet just as intense third album, You Will Never Be One of Us in 2016, after signing a new deal with Nuclear Blast. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   You Will Never Be One of Us
  3.   Mrs. Meier
  4.   Suffering Soul
  5.   Wide Open Wound
  6.   Your God
  7.   K.J.S.
  8.   Black Cloud
  9.   Scum Will Rise
  10.   They Come Crawling Back
  11.   In Exodus
  12.   Life Is a Death Sentence
  13.   Traitor
  14.   Blues In F Pels Giats Da Fritz
  15.   Savage Intolerance
  16.   Mack The Knife
  17.   Depths
  18.   Suum Cuique
  19.   La Despedida
  20.   Into Quietus
  21.   Cry Wolf
  22.   Ballade Von Der Sexuellen Hörigkeit
  23.   Gnossienne 4
  24.   More Of Dear Old Stockholm
  25.   Obscene Humanity
  26.   In Pain
  27.   Scapegoat
  28.   Unsilent Death
  29.   Friend to All
  30.   If I Should Lose You
  31.   Lies
  32.   Tyrant
  33.   Conform
  34.   Absolute Control
  35.   I Will Not Follow
  36.   Parasite
  37.   Made to Make You Fail
  38.   Dear Old Stockholm
  39.   Confront Them
  40.   Gnossienne 1
  41.   Abandon All Life
  42.   Pariah
  43.   God's Cold Hands
  44.   No Surrender
  45.   No Servant
  46.   Nails
  47.   Violence Is Forever

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