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Naughty by Nature

Naughty by Nature pulled off the neat trick of landing big, instantly catchy anthems on the pop charts while maintaining their street-level credibility among the hardcore rap faithful; one of the first groups to successfully perform such a balancing act. The group was formed in East Orange, NJ, in 1986, while all three members -- MCs Treach (born Anthony Criss) and Vinnie (born Vincent Brown), and DJ Kay Gee (born Keir Gist) -- were attending the same high school. Initially called New Style, they began performing at talent shows and were discovered by Queen Latifah a few years later; she signed the group to her management company and helped them land a deal with Tommy Boy Records. Naughty by Nature's self-titled debut was released in 1991 and produced an inescapable Top Ten hit in "O.P.P." (which supposedly stood for "other people's property," though a close listen to the lyrics revealed that the second P represented male or female genitals). "O.P.P." made Naughty by Nature crossover stars, yet their ghetto sensibility and gritty street funk (not to mention Treach's nimble rhyming technique) made them popular in the hip-hop underground as well. Treach began a secondary acting career in 1992, appearing in Juice; he would go on to supporting roles in The Meteor Man, Who's the Man?, and Jason's Lyric, among others. Naughty by Nature repeated their success with the 1993 follow-up album, 19 Naughty III, which produced another ubiquitous crossover smash in the "hey! ho!" chant of "Hip Hop Hooray"; the album hit the Top Five and, like its predecessor, went platinum. 1995's Poverty's Paradise was the group's final album for Tommy Boy; though it didn't spawn any major hits, it went on to win a Grammy for Best Rap Album. A recording hiatus of several years followed; during that time, Treach pursued his acting career, most notably landing a recurring role on the HBO prison drama Oz; and Kay Gee greatly expanded his outside production work, helming records for Zhané, Aaliyah, Krayzie Bone, and Next, among others. Even outside of music, the group made headlines; in 1997, both Treach and Vinnie were arrested in Harlem for illegal weapons possession, and, in 1999, Treach married Pepa, of Salt-N-Pepa (a union that would dissolve two years later). Also in 1999, Naughty by Nature finally returned with a new album on Arista, titled 19 Naughty Nine: Nature's Fury. "Jamboree," featuring Zhané, was a sizable hit, but though the group looked to be back on track, Kay Gee departed to concentrate full-time on his production career. Treach and Vinnie struck a deal with TVT, and the first Naughty by Nature album as a duo, IIcons, was released in early 2002. Momentum slowed for the group by the latter half of the 2000's, but in 2011, rumors circulated that Naughty by Nature were working on a comeback album, titled Anthem Inc. ~ Steve Huey
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Naughty by Nature

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Naughty by Nature

  1.   Song
  2.   O.P.P.
  3.   Hip Hop Hooray
  4.   Everything's Gonna Be Alright
  5.   Uptown Anthem
  6.   Jamboree
  7.   Feel Me Flow
  8.   Guard Your Grill
  9.   Ready for Dem
  10.   Respect Due
  11.   Yoke the Joker
  12.   Craziest
  13.   Naughty by Nature
  14.   Holiday
  15.   19 Naughty III
  16.   Wickedest Man Alive
  17.   Thankx for Sleepwalking
  18.   Rhyme'll Shine On
  19.   On the Run
  20.   Live or Die
  21.   Klickow-Klickow
  22.   Iicons
  23.   City of Ci-Lo
  24.   Ashes to Ashes featuring Bumpy Knuckles
  25.   Flags
  26.   Ashes to Ashes featuring Bumpy Knuckles
  27.   Would've Done the Same for Me
  28.   Work
  29.   We Could Do It
  30.   The Blues
  31.   Take It to Ya Face
  32.   Swing Swang
  33.   Slang Bang
  34.   Ring the Alarm
  35.   Radio
  36.   N.J. to L.A.
  37.   Live Then Lay
  38.   Intro Skit
  39.   Feels Good (Don't Worry Bout a Thing)
  40.   Everyday All Day
  41.   Cruddy Clique
  42.   1, 2, 3
  43.   Uptown Anthem, O.P.P., Uptown Anthem
  44.   Get To Know Me Better
  45.   I Gotta Lotta
  46.   Written on Ya Kitten
  47.   World Go Round
  48.   Wild Muthaf***as
  49.   Wicked Bounce
  50.   What You Wanna Do
  51.   What U Don't Know
  52.   Webber Skit
  53.   Thugs & Hustlers
  54.   The Shivers
  55.   The Only Ones
  56.   Sunshine
  57.   Strike a Nerve
  58.   Sleepwalkin' II/Shout Outs
  59.   Sleepin' on Jersey
  60.   Rock & Roll
  61.   Red Light
  62.   Rah Rah
  63.   Radio Skit
  64.   Poverty's Paradise
  65.   Poor Man's Poetry
  66.   Outro
  67.   Mourn You Til I Join You
  68.   Let Me Find Out
  69.   Knock 'Em Out da Box
  70.   Chain Remains
  71.   Clap Yo Hands
  72.   Daddy Was a Street Corner
  73.   Dirt All by My Lonely
  74.   Double I Skit
  75.   Family Tree
  76.   Hang out and Hustle
  77.   Holdin' Fort
  78.   The Hood Comes First
  79.   Hot Potato
  80.   It's On
  81.   It's Workin' by Rottin Razkals
  82.   Shout Out by Gordon Chambers
  83.   Let the Ho's Go
  84.   Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  85.   Medley: Optown Anthem / O.P.P.