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Along with San Francisco's Possessed and Florida's Death, Ohio's Necrophagia were one of the pioneering death metal bands of the mid-'80s. Formed in 1983 by vocalist Killjoy -- whose love of Venom only barely exceeded his passion for slasher movies -- Necrophagia first made waves with their Death Is Fun demo of 1985. Two years later, they hooked up with the New Renaissance label and unleashed their unnaturally coarse, but very influential debut, 1987's Season of the Dead. But shortly after its release, the remaining bandmembers, guitarist Larry Madison, bassist Bill James, and drummer Joe Blazer, fell out with Killjoy over matters of musical direction, spelling Necrophagia's premature breakup. Over the next few years, Killjoy remained busy with a number of projects, including the death metal supergroup Ravenous (featuring Nuclear Assault's Danny Lilker and Autopsy's Chris Reifert, among others), the raw black metal outfit Viking Crown (with Pantera's Phil Anselmo), and even a thrash-gore band named after himself. Eventually, he also decided to resurrect the Necrophagia name with the help of guitarist Anton Crowley (aka Anselmo yet again), bassist Dustin Havnen, and drummer Wayne Fabra for 1998's Holocausto de la Morte, 1999's Black Blood Vomitorium EP, and 2000's Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness collection. This sudden flurry of activity persisted into a new deal with Season of Mist Records, which issued the Cannibal Holocaust EP in 2001 and the Divine Art of Torture album in 2003. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Power Through Darkness
  3.   Unearthed
  4.   Cadaverous Screams of My Deceased Lover
  5.   London (13 Demon Street)
  6.   Upon Frayed Lips of Silence
  7.   It Lives in the Woods
  8.   Parasite Eve
  9.   And You Will Live in Terror
  10.   Embalmed Yet I Breathe
  11.   Chainsaw Lust
  12.   Cadavera X
  13.   Painful Discharge
  14.   Bloodfreak
  15.   To Sleep with the Dead
  16.   They Dwell Beneath
  17.   Akumu
  18.   Mental Decay
  19.   Sadako's Curse
  20.   Blaspheme the Body
  21.   Burning Moon Sickness
  22.   Flowers of Flesh and Blood
  23.   Beyond and Back
  24.   Forbidden Pleasure
  25.   Young Burial
  26.   Black Blood Vomitorium
  27.   Devil Eyes
  28.   Harvest Ritual
  29.   The Divine Art of Torture
  30.   Witchcraft
  31.   Intense Mutilation
  32.   Deep Inside, I Plant the Devils Seed
  33.   Autopsy on the Living Dead
  34.   Goblins be Thine
  35.   Ze Do Caixao
  36.   Cannibal Holocaust
  37.   Dead Skin Slave
  38.   Excommunicated
  39.   Rue Morgue Disciple
  40.   The Cross Burns Black
  41.   Abomination
  42.   Hymns of Divine Genocide
  43.   Stitch Her Further
  44.   The World, The Flesh, The Devil
  45.   Insane for Blood
  46.   The Sick Room
  47.   Terminal Vision
  48.   Conjuring the Unnamable
  49.   Children of the Vortex
  50.   Kindred of the Dying Kind
  51.   Return to Texas
  52.   Ancient Slumber
  53.   Reincarnation
  54.   Baphomet Rises
  55.   Season of the Dead
  56.   untitled
  57.   The Fog
  58.   Black Apparition
  59.   Maim Attraction (Cold Rock Caress)
  60.   Bleeding Torment

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