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Nick Oliveri

Nick Oliveri is best known as the bassist/singer for Queens of the Stone Age and an original member of Kyuss. But in addition to his more renowned projects, he's also been a member of shock-punkers the Dwarves, and also fronts his own side band, Mondo Generator. Hailing from Coachella Valley in California (a small resort community of the Palm Desert -- right near the Joshua Tree National Monument), Oliveri befriended local guitarist Josh Homme early on. The two would eventually begin to jam on punk favorites together (due to the intense desert heat, rehearsals were held in bandmember's bedrooms rather than garages), and when singer John Garcia and drummer Brant Bjork eventually signed on, Kyuss was born during the late ‘80s. Instead of specializing in any of the then-prevalent hard rock styles (thrash, glam, etc.), Kyuss' music often resembled classic Black Sabbath, due to its slow grooves and detuned guitars -- yet Oliveri' s punk roots could be detected in the mix as well. The group's hot and humid surroundings also found its way into the music and approach as well, as Kyuss quickly built a following by playing all-night "generator parties" out in the middle of the desert. A collection of early tracks, Wretch, followed in 1991, but failed to capture what the group truly sounded like. With the emergence of such similarly styled bands as Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, the musical climate seemed perfect for a group like Kyuss, and the group delivered one of the decade's most underrated (and subsequently influential) releases, 1992's Blues for the Red Sun. Shortly after its release, however, Oliveri found himself growing further and further away from Kyuss' musical direction, as he sought to go in a more punk-based direction. His wish was soon granted, as he left Kyuss and joined up with the Dwarves. Performing under the alias of Rex Everything (supposedly due to his habit of breaking things), Oliveri appeared on such Dwarves releases as 1997's Dwarves are Young and Good Looking. The latter part of the ‘90s saw Oliveri launch his own band, Mondo Generator (named after a Kyuss song he penned for Blues for the Red Sun), which continued on in the path of confrontational punk. Although an album's worth of tunes was recorded around this time, it was ultimately shelved, and not issued until 2000, under the title of Cocaine Rodeo. The late ‘90s also saw Oliveri team up once more with Homme (Kyuss had disbanded in 1997) in a new outfit, Queens of the Stone Age, which proved to be more musically varied than either of its leader's former outfits. With such subsequent releases as 1998's self-titled debut, 2000's R, and 2002's Songs for the Deaf, QOTSA also obtained something that Kyuss never did -- commercial success, as the band quickly became one of the finest and acclaimed in all of hard rock. Additionally, Oliveri has appeared on several volumes of Homme's ongoing Desert Sessions series, and guested on a pair of projects by Melissa Auf Der Maur -- the Black Sabbath tribute, Hand of Doom (2002's Live in Los Angeles), plus her solo debut, Auf Der Maur. Tension between Oliveri and Homme would result in the bassist parting ways with QOTSA in 2004, though he would keep busy with his own music, releaseing a solo record, Demolition Day, later that year. Oliveri would also continue to collaborate with Dwarves and Mondo Generator, and in 2011 he reconnected with John Garcia to play with Kyuss Lives!, though his time with the reformed desert rock outfit would be short-lived. In 2014, Oliver returned with another solo album, Leave Me Alone, this time under the name Nick Oliveri's Uncontrollable. ~ Greg Prato
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Nick Oliveri

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Nick Oliveri

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Nick Oliveri

  1.   Song
  2.   Luv Is Fiction
  3.   Human Cannonball Explodes by Nick Oliveri's Uncontrollable
  4.   Unless I Can Kill
  5.   Keep Me In The Loop
  6.   Suzy Is a Headbanger by Greg Attonito
  7.   U Blow
  8.   Dairy Queen
  9.   Basket Case
  10.   Leave Me Alone
  11.   Get Lost (With Me)
  12.   So High
  13.   Start a Fight
  14.   The Void
  15.   All Systems Go
  16.   Hybrid Moments
  17.   Bloody Hammer
  18.   Sam Hall
  19.   Lie Detector
  20.   Follow Me
  21.   So High So Low
  22.   Sleep the Lie Away
  23.   Paper Thin
  24.   Mental Hell
  25.   She Only Owns You
  26.   Love Has Passed Me By
  27.   Auto Pilot by Nick Oliveri's Uncontrollable
  28.   Jealous Again
  29.   Sonicslowmotiontrails
  30.   Invisible Like the Sky
  31.   There She Goes Again
  32.   Death Leads The Way
  33.   F.Y. I'm Free
  34.   Take Me Away
  35.   Come And You're Gone
  36.   Life of Sin
  37.   I'm Gonna Leave You
  38.   The Robot Man
  39.   Like a Bomb
  40.   Human Cannonball Explodes
  41.   Outlaw Scumfuc
  42.   Allen's Wrench
  43.   All the Way Down
  44.   13th Floor by Mondo Generator
  45.   F.Y.I.F. by Mondo Generator
  46.   Sonicslowmotiontrails by Mondo Generator
  47.   Like the Sky by Mondo Generator
  48.   Dog Food by Mondo Generator
  49.   Smashed Apart by Mondo Generator
  50.   The Last Train by Mondo Generator
  51.   So High by Mondo Generator
  52.   Simple Exploding Man by Mondo Generator
  53.   Four Corners by Mondo Generator
  54.   Dead Silence by Mondo Generator
  55.   I Never Sleep by Mondo Generator
  56.   Shawnette Jackson by Mondo Generator
  57.   Detroit by Mondo Generator
  58.   Lie Detector by Mondo Generator
  59.   Take Me Away by Mondo Generator
  60.   Like You Want by Mondo Generator
  61.   Sleep the Lie Away by Mondo Generator
  62.   Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed by Mondo Generator
  63.   All the Way Down by Mondo Generator
  64.   Paper Thin by Mondo Generator

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