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Obie Trice


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Obie Trice went from no one to someone in the rap world quickly when Eminem signed him to Shady Records and executive produced his debut. Born on the west side of Detroit in the Schoolcraft and Greenfield area, Trice began his rap career humbly. He dropped out of Cooley High School in the early '90s and began making ends meet, which wasn't too easy in the cold, abandoned streets of Detroit. His turning point came in 1998 with the birth of his daughter, Kobie. Shortly afterward, he took note of Eminem's breakthrough success in 1999 and began to have faith that he too could make it in the rap game, despite living in wayward Detroit. Trice had begun rapping at a young age. His mother had bought him a karaoke machine that he used to practice, making tapes of himself over the beats of Run-D.M.C. and Big Daddy Kane. Over the years he improved his craft remarkably, releasing street tapes that began to generate some buzz in the local underground scene. These recordings came to the attention of Eminem, who in turn called up Trice for an audition, and it was all smiles and handshakes from that point on. First came a plug on D12's Devil's Night album ("Obie Trice [Intro]" [2001]), then features on the Eminem Show album ("Drips" [2002]) and the 8 Mile soundtrack ("Love Me," "Adrenaline Rush," and "Rap Name" [2002]), and finally Trice's album debut, Cheers, in 2003. The album went platinum, and Trice wrapped up recording his follow-up by the end of 2005. On New Year's Eve 2006, he was driving home from a Detroit club with his girlfriend when he was shot in the head. Remarkably, he was able to exit the freeway, and an ambulance took him to a hospital in Southfield. It was determined that removing the bullet would be too risky; Trice was released within hours of arriving at the hospital. Between that event and the shooting death of D12's Proof, a friend and one of the people who met him at the hospital, Trice was compelled to record new tracks for his long-finished album. Second Round's on Me was finally issued in August 2006. Two years later he left Shady, feeling the label had failed to give him the proper promotional push but making it clear that Eminem was not to blame and the two were still very close. Mixtapes and guest appearances would carry Trice until 2012 when Bottoms Up became his first release for his own Black Market Entertainment label. Dr. Dre produced the album's title track while Eminem made two guest appearances, lending his vocals to "Richard" and producing the song "Going Nowhere." ~ Jason Birchmeier
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Obie Trice

Top Songs by
Obie Trice

  1.   Song
  2.   The Setup
  3.   Got Some Teeth
  4.   We All Die One Day
  5.   All of My Life
  6.   Cry Now
  7.   Going No Where
  8.   Jamaican Girl by Brick & Lace
  9.   Shit Hits the Fan
  10.   Good Girls
  11.   Oh!
  12.   Wanna Know
  13.   Lady
  14.   **** Hits the Fan by Dr. Dre
  15.   So Long
  16.   Snitch
  17.   Cheers
  18.   So High
  19.   Ballad of Obie Trice
  20.   Kill Me a Mutha
  21.   Spread Yo ****
  22.   Look in My Eyes
  23.   Follow My Life
  24.   Ass
  25.   Bruh Bruh
  26.   Hell Yea
  27.   Hands on You by Eminem
  28.   Detroit State of Mind
  29.   Obie's Tidal
  30.   Chuuuurch!
  31.   Lebron On
  32.   Petty
  33.   Spend the Day featuring Drey Skidne
  34.   Mama
  35.   Outro
  36.   24's
  37.   Lay Down
  38.   Same Shit
  39.   P8tience
  40.   GMA (The Speech)
  41.   Bang
  42.   Crazy by MC Breed
  43.   Ups and Downs
  44.   My Time
  45.   Spill My Drink
  46.   Secrets
  47.   Battle Cry featuring Adrian Reeza
  48.   BME Up
  49.   Richard by Eminem
  50.   I Pretend
  51.   Dear Lord
  52.   You've Been Slain
  53.   What You Want
  54.   Welcome
  55.   On And On
  56.   Dope, Jobs, Homeless
  57.   Cool Cats
  58.   There They Go
  59.   Violent
  60.   Wake Up
  61.   Intro
  62.   Obie Story
  63.   Everywhere I Go
  64.   Ghetto
  65.   Out of State
  66.   Bad Bitch
  67.   Never Forget Ya
  68.   Hoodrats
  69.   Average Man
  70.   Don't Come Down
  71.   Bad B****
  72.   Spread Yo S*** by Kon Artis
  73.   I'm Home by Estelle
  74.   Dealer by Young Buck
  75.   I Am
  76.   Got Hungry
  77.   Jack My Dick
  78.   4 Stories
  79.   Bottoms Up/Intro
  80.   Roughnecks by Deuce Wonder

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