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An extremely technical death metal band from Munich, Germany, Obscura were founded in 2002 by vocalist/guitarist Steffen Kummerer, who purportedly took the name from a 1998 album by Canada's influential Gorguts -- one of his inspirational touchstones, along with Cynic, Pestilence, Morbid Angel, and others. Kummerer spent the ensuing years composing the songs that would comprise Obscura's 2006 debut album, Retribution, bypassing the traditional extreme metal process of distributing demos and performing in clubs along the way. Even his supporting cast during the album sessions -- guitarist Markus Lempsch, bassist Jonas Fischer, and drummer Jonas Baumgartl -- were merely hired guns who would be subsequently dispensed with after its independent release to widespread rave reviews -- so raving, in fact, that Kummerer and his pet project quickly became the objects of a metal label bidding war before signing with the highly respected Relapse Records for the release of the Obscura's second album, Cosmogenesis. This too met with overwhelmingly positive response within the metal community, and benefited from a new lineup of virtuosos including guitarist Christian Münzner and drummer Hannes Grossman, formerly of respected German techno-deathsters Necrophagist, plus legendary Pestilence bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling. Two more albums followed in 2011 (Omnivium) and 2012 (Illegimitation) before even more lineup changes transfromed the band's sound. Bassist Linus Klausenitzer replaced Thesseling in late 2011, drummer Sebastian Lanser joined for a 2014 tour, and young jazz guitarist Rafael Trujillo was recruited in 2015. The band's first recorded date with this roster was Akróasis in early 2016. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Prismal Dawn
  3.   God of Emptiness
  4.   Unhinged
  5.   Velocity
  6.   Ocean Gateways
  7.   A Transcendental Serenade
  8.   Synthetically Revived
  9.   Weltseele
  10.   Ode to the Sun
  11.   Hate Anthem
  12.   Ten Sepiroth
  13.   Celestial Spheres
  14.   Fractal Dimension
  15.   Perpetual Infinity
  16.   Alone
  17.   None Shall Be Spared
  18.   Nothing
  19.   Akróasis
  20.   Septuagint
  21.   Humankind
  22.   The Monist
  23.   Exit Life
  24.   Sentiment
  25.   Lack of Comprehension
  26.   Hymn to a Nocturnal Visitor
  27.   Euclidean Elements
  28.   Sermon of the Seven Suns

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