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Originally formed in 2006 as a grindcore band by guitarist Jeremy Carroll, Chicago's Oceano went through a revolving cast of players until settling on a new lineup and a new sound in 2007. That lineup, consisting of Andrew Mikhail (guitar), Danny Terchin (drums), Adam Warren (vocals), and Kevin Colabuono (bass), would go on to develop the sound they'd take to the world in their first recordings. Pushing the limits of extreme music and influenced by Behemoth and the Acacia Strain, the band transitioned into a heavier, more technical death metal sound. This change was helped along by adopting the severely detuned "dropped A" from one of Mikhail's past bands, creating a guitar sound that was as thick and murky as Warren's anguished growls. In 2008, the band signed to Earache Records, and began a heavy touring schedule. That year also saw the departure of Carroll and Colabuono and the arrival of bassist Jason Jones. In 2009, the band released its full-length debut, Depths, on Earache Records. They followed the next year with second album Contagion. Sometime around 2012 the band went on a brief hiatus, amid rumors flying that they were breaking up. They instead returned heavier than ever in 2013 with third album Incisions. The next few years saw even more lineup changes, as guitarists Michael Kasper and Scott Smith joined the fold, as did former Monsters bassist Chris Wagner. With a revitalized lineup, the band completed work on their more atmospheric fourth album, Ascendants, which was issued in the spring of 2015. ~ Gregory Heaney
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  1.   Song
  2.   Eternal Wasteland
  3.   Incisions
  4.   New Age Apophis
  5.   Disgust For Your Kind
  6.   Dead Planet
  7.   Transient Gateways
  8.   Blasphemous Mask
  9.   Slave of Corporotocracy
  10.   Remnats Aflame
  11.   District Of Misery
  12.   The Reclaimation
  13.   A Mandatory Sacrifice
  14.   The Event
  15.   Arc of Creation
  16.   The Dulce Incident
  17.   Dawn of Descent
  18.   The Taken
  19.   Nephilim
  20.   Severed Appendages
  21.   Self Exploited Whore
  22.   Internal War
  23.   Weaponized
  24.   Sadistic Experiments
  25.   Regulated Disposal of Life
  26.   Exist In Confinement
  27.   Ending Intellect
  28.   With Legions
  29.   Involuntary Demoralization
  30.   Fractured Frames Scattered Flesh
  31.   Empathy For Leviathan
  32.   Abysm
  33.   Inhuman Affliction
  34.   Samael The Destroyer
  35.   Embrace Nothingness
  36.   Depths
  37.   Final Form
  38.   Majestic 12
  39.   Path to Extincton
  40.   Lucid Reality
  41.   Human Harvest
  42.   The Great Tribulation
  43.   External Existence
  44.   Slow Murder
  45.   Viral Re-Animation
  46.   The Contaminated
  47.   Quarantine
  48.   Precursor To Enslavement
  49.   Persuasive Oppression
  50.   Plague Campaign
  51.   Orificial Execution
  52.   Descent
  53.   Slaughtered Like Swine
  54.   Dark Prophecy
  55.   Disseverance
  56.   Revelation
  57.   Illusions Unravel
  58.   The World Engine

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