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Featuring the anthemic songwriting of Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic rose to prominence in 2007, when "Apologize" began its reign as the most popular digital download in American history. Although the song proved to be a quick success, OneRepublic had spent five years touring the musical minor leagues before its release, with Tedder splitting his time between the band's work and production gigs for other artists. Tedder and Zach Filkins formed the band in 2002 and relocated to Los Angeles shortly thereafter, adding keyboardist Drew Brown, bassist/cellist Brent Kutzle, and drummer Eddie Fisher to the lineup in the process. OneRepublic then signed with Sony BMG's Columbia label in 2003; three years later, however, the bandmates returned from a performance at Coachella to find themselves dropped from Columbia's roster. Nevertheless, OneRepublic's popularity continued to soar on MySpace, and Tedder helped raise the group's profile by penning songs for artists like Blake Lewis and Hilary Duff. Hip-hop producer Timbaland (with whom Tedder had already worked for several years) took notice of the group's audience and signed OneRepublic to his own Mosley Music Group, a joint venture with Interscope Records. Timbaland also remixed one of the group's most promising tracks, "Apologize," and included it on his own album, 2007's Timbaland Presents Shock Value. The song quickly became a platinum-selling single in many countries, breaking airplay records in the U.K. and selling an unprecedented 4.3 million digital downloads in America alone. Later that year, OneRepublic stepped out on their own with Dreaming Out Loud, a debut album filled with piano-fueled songwriting and pop/rock melodies. The album quickly went gold, and "Apologize" continued to top the singles charts in multiple countries. Another Tedder-penned track, Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love," experienced similar success at the same time, thus making Tedder one of the year's most celebrated songwriters. OneRepublic began writing songs for a second album in 2008, and the group later decamped to Colorado Springs to avoid outside distractions. Although initially planned for a summer release, Waking Up wasn't completed until September 2009. "All the Right Moves," the album's lead single, was released to radio that same month, while the entire album followed in November. In 2013, OneRepublic returned with their third studio album, Native, featuring the singles "Feel Again," "If I Lose Myself," and their biggest hit to date, "Counting Stars." During the group's subsequent extensive world tour, a deluxe version of Native was released, featuring the hit "Love Runs Out," which reached number 15 on the Hot 100 and was a Top Ten hit in several other countries. As touring continued, the band began recording its follow-up album. Written in 16 cities across 12 countries, Oh My My captured the sound and flavor of locales like Turkey, Brazil, Spain, and Russia, and was released in late 2016. ~ Andrew Leahey
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  1.   Song
  2.   Counting Stars
  3.   Love Runs Out
  4.   Good Life
  5.   Secrets
  6.   All the Right Moves
  7.   Stop And Stare
  8.   I Lived
  9.   Feel Again
  10.   Wherever I Go
  11.   Kids
  12.   If I Lose Myself
  13.   Apologize
  14.   Apologize
  15.   Christmas Without You
  16.   Life In Color
  17.   Mercy
  18.   Prodigal
  19.   Can't Stop
  20.   Say (All I Need)
  21.   Come Home
  22.   Stop and Stare
  23.   Something I Need
  24.   Preacher
  25.   Everybody Loves Me
  26.   Ordinary Human
  27.   All We Are
  28.   Burning Bridges
  29.   What You Wanted
  30.   Future Looks Good
  31.   Dreaming out Loud
  32.   Marchin' On
  33.   Mercy
  34.   Light It Up
  35.   All This Time
  36.   Tyrant
  37.   Goodbye, Apathy
  38.   Made for You
  39.   Sleep
  40.   Won't Stop
  41.   Prodigal
  42.   Someone to Save You
  43.   Don't Look Down
  44.   Someone To Save You
  45.   Tyrant
  46.   Missing Persons 1 & 2
  47.   All Fall Down
  48.   Fear
  49.   Waking Up
  50.   Too Easy
  51.   Something's Gotta Give
  52.   All We Are
  53.   Lullaby
  54.   Au Revoir
  55.   Goodbye, Apathy
  56.   Won't Sleep
  57.   Something's Not Right Here
  58.   Hearing Voices
  59.   [CD-Rom Track]
  60.   It's a Shame
  61.   Passenger
  62.   Sucker Punch
  63.   Trap Door
  64.   Marchin' On by Timbaland
  65.   Good Life featuring B.O.B.
  66.   Shout
  67.   Behind the Scenes
  68.   Video Footage
  69.   Last Goodbye
  70.   All the Rights Moves
  71.   Let's Hurt Tonight
  72.   Oh My My
  73.   Dream
  74.   Choke
  75.   A.I.
  76.   Better
  77.   Born
  78.   Fingertips
  79.   Human
  80.   Lift Me Up
  81.   NbHD
  82.   All These Things
  83.   Heaven