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Orange Goblin

Heavy metal rockers that compose Orange Goblin are Martyn Millard (bass), Ben Ward (vocals), Joe Hoari (guitar), Pete O'Mally (guitar), and Chris Turner (drums), and together these fine bandmates compose the harsh doom rock sounds similar to the likes of Mammoth Volume, Clawfinger, and Kyuss. Originally named Our Haunted Kingdom, Orange Goblin originated in 1995 and under their previous moniker they caught the attention of Rise Above Records. They released the limited edition single "The Aquatic Fanatic" with fellow hard rockers Electric Wizard, but under their current name the band contributed "Saruman's Wish" to the second volume of the metal compilation Dark Passages. By 1997, Orange Goblin had performed all across Europe at various festivals and club tours and a debut full-length was about due. Frequencies From Planet Ten was issued that fall, followed by extensive touring. Two years later, the uneven Time Travelling Blues found them at a confused point, unsure of whether or not to stay in the stoner metal scene or travel into hard rock. The brutal Big Black showed them returning to the stoner rock heaviness and space rock weirdness that had made their first album such a hit, but with a more confident grasp of songwriting and extended jams. But 2002's Coup de Grace was the final nail in the stoner rock coffin for the band, as they chose to continue in the hard rock vein they had only experimented with before.~ MacKenzie Wilson and Bradley Torreano
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Orange Goblin

Top Songs by
Orange Goblin

  1.   Song
  2.   Red Tide Rising
  3.   Quincy the Pigboy
  4.   Scorpionica
  5.   Heavy Lies the Crown
  6.   The Abyss
  7.   Orange Goblin
  8.   Death of Aquarius
  9.   Return to Mars
  10.   The Filthy & the Few
  11.   Black Shapes of Doom
  12.   Hot Knives and Open Sores
  13.   Born with Big Hands
  14.   Graviton
  15.   Rage of Angels
  16.   Cozmo Bozo
  17.   Mystical Knives
  18.   The Shadow Over Innsmouth
  19.   Blood of Them
  20.   Bloodzilla
  21.   Into the Arms of Morpheus
  22.   The Devil's Whip
  23.   The Fog
  24.   Acid Trial
  25.   Freelance Fiend
  26.   Cities of Frost
  27.   The Ballad of Solomon Eagle
  28.   Lazy Mary
  29.   If It Ain't Broke Break It
  30.   You're Not the One (Who Can Save Rock N Roll)
  31.   Hard Luck
  32.   Some You Win, Some You Lose
  33.   No Law
  34.   Stinkin O Gin
  35.   Red Web
  36.   Whiskey Leech
  37.   Made of Rats
  38.   Your World Will Hate This
  39.   Star Shaped Cloud
  40.   Land of Secret Dreams
  41.   Lothlorian
  42.   Saruman's Wish
  43.   Magic Carpet
  44.   The Big Black
  45.   Time Travelling Blues
  46.   Titan
  47.   Demon Blues
  48.   Sabbath Hex
  49.   Save Me from Myself
  50.   They Come Back (Harvest of Skulls)
  51.   Mortlake (Dead Water)
  52.   New Rose
  53.   Just Got Paid
  54.   Round Up the Horses
  55.   We Bite
  56.   Jesus Beater
  57.   Monkey Panic
  58.   Song of the Purple Mushroom Fish
  59.   Alcofuel
  60.   You'll Never Get to the Moon in That
  61.   298 Kg
  62.   Vagrant Stomp
  63.   Getting High on the Bad Times
  64.   Hot Magic, Red Planet
  65.   Ubermensch
  66.   Bishop's Wolf
  67.   No Class
  68.   Bad Blues
  69.   Hounds Ditch
  70.   The Ale House Braves
  71.   White Night Cyanide
  72.   Crown of Locusts
  73.   Tosh Lines
  74.   Black Egg
  75.   One Room, One Axe, One Outcome
  76.   Aquatic Fanatic
  77.   The Astral Project
  78.   Turbo Effalunt (Elephant)
  79.   Stand for Something
  80.   King of the Hornets
  81.   Blue Snow
  82.   Beginner's Guide to Suicide
  83.   A Eulogy for the Damned

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