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The Pack A.D.

Following in the tradition of the Black Keys and the White Stripes, the Pack A.D. play a blend of rock and electric blues. The female duo is comprised of drummer Maya Miller and vocalist/guitarist Becky Black, both of whom left their previous Pixies-styled band to focus on bluesier music. After emerging in 2006 as one of Vancouver's more buzzworthy bands, the Pack A.D. signed with Mint Records in 2007 and released a debut album, Tintype, the following January. Funeral Mixtape, the duo's second offering, was issued eight months later. The group toured heavily in support of both releases and eventually returned to Vancouver, where the bandmembers holed themselves up at Hive Studios and began tinkering with new sounds. Although still a blues band at heart, the Pack A.D. found themselves drawn to punk and garage rock, both of which steered the sound of 2010's We Kill Computers in a slightly different direction. After 2011's Unpersons, the Pack A.D. took a break from recording, and struck a new recording deal with Nettwerk Productions. For their first Nettwerk release, they recorded sessions in 2013 at Vancouver's Hive Studios, as well as Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, with producer Jim Diamond mixing the final product. The album, Do Not Engage, was released in early 2014. In May 2015, the Pack A.D. released a four-song EP, Meta Animal, which proved to be their last project for Nettwerk. In 2016, the duo struck a new record deal with Cadence Music Group and, after teasing with the hard-rocking single "So What," released their sixth studio LP, Positive Thinking, in November of that year. ~ Andrew Leahey
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The Pack A.D.

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The Pack A.D.

  1.   Song
  2.   Dollhouse
  3.   Sirens
  4.   Haunt You
  5.   Creepin' Jenny
  6.   So What
  7.   Yes I Know
  8.   Deer
  9.   Battering Ram
  10.   Big Anvil
  11.   Positronic
  12.   Everyone Looks Like Everyone
  13.   Cellophane
  14.   Stray
  15.   Worried
  16.   Teenage Crime
  17.   8
  18.   Dannemora Blues
  19.   Gold Eyes
  20.   Los Angeles
  21.   All Damn Day Long
  22.   Fair Enough
  23.   Error
  24.   Rocket
  25.   Ride
  26.   Rid of Me
  27.   1880
  28.   Cabin
  29.   Bang
  30.   B.C. Is on Fire
  31.   Oh Be Joyful
  32.   June
  33.   March of the Martians
  34.   They Know Me
  35.   Catch
  36.   Body Parts
  37.   Paper Bag
  38.   Is It So
  39.   Hardtack Saloon #2
  40.   K Stomp
  41.   Bone Handle
  42.   Cobra Matte
  43.   Not Alright
  44.   Blackout
  45.   Stalking Is Normal
  46.   Snow
  47.   Crazy
  48.   The Last Martian
  49.   Skin Me
  50.   Pieces
  51.   Shiny Things
  52.   Coconut
  53.   Medium
  54.   Walk On
  55.   The Flight
  56.   Hardtack Saloon #1
  57.   Because of You
  58.   Making Gestures
  59.   Got Up
  60.   Gold Rush
  61.   Anyway
  62.   Motorvate
  63.   Math, The Stars
  64.   Airborne
  65.   Hardtack Saloon #3
  66.   Back in a Hole
  67.   Sorrow
  68.   Hear Me Out
  69.   Lights
  70.   This Terror
  71.   Nightcrawler
  72.   Big Shot
  73.   Loser
  74.   Don't Have To
  75.   Does It Feel Good
  76.   Take
  77.   Needles
  78.   Animal
  79.   Pilot's Blues
  80.   Cardinal Rule
  81.   What's Up There
  82.   Seasick
  83.   Underground
  84.   Wolves and Werewolves
  85.   Woke Up Weird
  86.   I Tried
  87.   Buyin' My Way
  88.   The Slow Down
  89.   Thomas Hardy
  90.   The Water
  91.   Build
  92.   $

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