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Parenthetical Girls

A group that has cautiously moved from the bedroom recording studio to the stage, Parenthetical Girls began as an amateur recording project by two longtime friends, rock writer Zac Pennington and part-time musician Jeremy Cooper. Indulging in a shared fondness for British post-punk, Brian Eno, and Phil Spector, the two began creating eccentric but playful indie rock tunes in 2002 on a lo-fi eight-track recording setup dominated by glockenspiel, a cheap synthesizer, and a guitar that refused to stay in tune. Calling their collaboration "Swastika Girls" (after a tune from Brian Eno and Robert Fripp's No Pussyfooting), Cooper and Pennington were initially unimpressed with their results and set the tapes aside until Pennington gave some of the material another listen in 2003 and decided to resurrect the project. Pennington handed the original session tapes over to two different musicians he knew and admired -- Jherek Bischoff of the Dead Science and Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu -- and asked each to mix the seven selections he'd unearthed. Cooper and Pennington were impressed enough with the results that they decided to release an album of the material; embracing the less-controversial handle Parenthetical Girls, their self-titled debut featured Bischoff's mixes on the "X" side of a vinyl LP, with Stewart's versions appearing in the same sequence on the other "O" side. A brief tour followed, with Cooper staying home and Pennington joined by Bischoff and Sam Mickens, also of the Dead Science, followed by another road trip featuring Pennington and Mickens. By the time the debut album was reissued on CD in 2006, Cooper had dropped out of active service within the Parenthetical Girls, and the second album from the "group," Safe as Houses, was primarily created by Pennington and Bischoff, and released in mid-2006. The group's lineup finally solidified around Pennington and multi-instrumentalists Matt Carlson, Eddy Crichton, and Rachael Jensen, with Bischoff continuing as a studio collaborator. This version of the group collaborated with 25 classically trained musicians on Parenthetical Girls' third album Entanglements, which took their music in an ambitious, orchestral direction. Tomlab released Entanglements in 2008. The mini-album The Scottish Play: Wherein the Group Parenthetical Girls Pay Well-intentioned (If Occasionally Misguided) Tribute to the Works of Ivor Cutler appeared the following year. The band then embarked on an even more ambitious project, releasing a series of limited-edition EPs, each featuring the likeness of one of the band's members on the cover, over the course of 15 months. Selections from each EP became their fourth full-length album, 2013's Privilege (Abridged). ~ Mark Deming
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Parenthetical Girls

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Parenthetical Girls

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Parenthetical Girls

  1.   Song
  2.   This Regrettable End
  3.   Sympathy for Spastics
  4.   Afterwords
  5.   For All the Final Girls
  6.   Flowers for Albion
  7.   Thank God It's Not Christmas
  8.   The Comedienne
  9.   Curtains
  10.   Four Words
  11.   Someone Else's Muse
  12.   Going in a Field
  13.   Sit Down
  14.   Brimstone & Vaseline
  15.   Mend & Make Do (Found Drama II)
  16.   Abandoning
  17.   Evelyn Mchale, Pt. 2
  18.   The Pornographer
  19.   The Common Touch
  20.   Evelyn McHale
  21.   Entanglements
  22.   Careful Who You Dance With
  23.   Weaknesses
  24.   Found Drama, Pt. 1
  25.   A Song for Ellie Greenwich
  26.   A Nuance
  27.   Windmills of Your Mind
  28.   Unmentionables
  29.   Portrait of a Reputation
  30.   Gut Symmetries
  31.   Over You Go
  32.   On Death & Endearments
  33.   Whale Badge
  34.   Doughnut
  35.   Young Eucharists
  36.   Mend & Make Do (Found Drama, Pt. 2)
  37.   Present Perfect (An Epithalamium)
  38.   The Privilege
  39.   Avenue of Trees
  40.   Entitlements
  41.   A Note to Self
  42.   Everybody Got
  43.   The Former
  44.   The Best Thing
  45.   Young Throats
  46.   Found Drama I

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