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Passenger, the working name of singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, makes intimate, folk-inflected indie pop. Originally a four-piece, Passenger formed in Brighton, England, as a collaboration between singer/songwriter Rosenberg and composer Andrew Phillips. Working out of Phillips' studio, the duo recorded the songs that would become Wicked Man's Rest, Passenger's debut album. The disc was released on ChalkMark in 2007 and spawned several singles including "Wicked Man's Rest," "Walk You Home," "Do What You Like," and "Table for One." Passenger opened for several high-profile indie acts throughout the U.K. that year, including Kate Nash and the Hold Steady. The following year found the band providing the soundtrack to the film Where Have I Been All Your Life? and performing at the 2008 SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Phillips parted ways with Passenger in 2009, leaving Rosenberg at the helm. The band's sophomore effort, 2009's Wide Eyes Blind Love, reflected this change with a stripped-down acoustic sound. A year later, Rosenberg's Passenger returned with the "fan-only" release Divers and Submarines. Also in 2010, Passenger released Flight of the Crow, featuring collaborations with such artists as Josh Pyke, Katie Noonan, Elana Stone, and others. In 2012, Passenger released a fifth full-length effort, All the Little Lights, which featured a more fully fleshed-out sound. While the album was released in the summer of 2012, it wasn't until 2013 that a tune from All the Little Lights, "Let Her Go," broke through as a hit in Europe. By the end of the year, the single had reached number one in 16 countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, and Belgium. Rosenberg began work on his next album, Whispers, toward the end of 2013 and enlisted All the Little Lights' co-producer Chris Vallejo to work with him. Whispers was released in 2014 and featured the singles "Scare Away the Dark" and "Heart's on Fire." A year later, the band paired again with Vallejo for Passenger's full-length follow-up, Whispers II. Rosenberg also announced that all profits from Whispers II would go to help fund UNICEF U.K.'s work in Liberia. In 2016, Passenger returned with Young as the Morning Old as the Sea, which saw Rosenberg and Vallejo collaborating as producers alongside a newly assembled group of musicians. A massive success, the album topped the U.K. charts and reached the Top Ten in countries around the world. In the summer of 2017, at the end of a major tour, Rosenberg announced the surprise release of his next album, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, which was issued by his own label. ~ Margaret Reges & Matt Collar
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  1.   Song
  2.   Let Her Go
  3.   Somebody's Love
  4.   Anywhere
  5.   Scare Away the Dark
  6.   Heart's on Fire
  7.   Holes
  8.   Strangers
  9.   House on a Hill
  10.   Home
  11.   Young as the Morning Old as the Sea
  12.   Riding to New York
  13.   What You're Thinking
  14.   You're on My Mind.
  15.   Beautiful Birds
  16.   The Last Unicorn
  17.   All the Little Lights
  18.   Wicked Man's Rest
  19.   Travelling Alone
  20.   Shape of Love
  21.   I Hate
  22.   Needle in the Dark.
  23.   Do What You Like
  24.   If You Go
  25.   Nothing's Changed
  26.   Catch in the Dark
  27.   Thunder
  28.   Starlings
  29.   Two Tales
  30.   The Wrong Direction
  31.   Table for One
  32.   Bullets
  33.   Circles
  34.   Fool's Gold
  35.   The Long Road
  36.   When We Were Young
  37.   Everything
  38.   The Way That I Need You
  39.   Words
  40.   A Thousand Matches
  41.   Rolling Stone
  42.   Golden Leaves
  43.   27
  44.   Coins in a Fountain
  45.   Girl I Once New
  46.   The Girl Running
  47.   Golden Thread
  48.   Snowflakes
  49.   Intacto
  50.   Explicit Fairytales & Firesides
  51.   Feather on the Clyde
  52.   Staring at the Stars
  53.   Patient Love
  54.   For You.
  55.   Four Horses.
  56.   Girl I Once Knew.
  57.   Things You've Never Done
  58.   Wide Eyes
  59.   Night Vision Binoculars
  60.   Simple Song
  61.   I'll Be Your Man
  62.   Fear of Fear
  63.   Whispers
  64.   Start a Fire
  65.   Bloodstains
  66.   Diamonds
  67.   Travelling Song
  68.   Rivers
  69.   The One You Love
  70.   Month of Sunday
  71.   Underwater Bride
  72.   Caravan
  73.   What Will Become of Us
  74.   Crows in Snow
  75.   Brick Walls
  76.   Walk in the Rain.
  77.   Things That Stop You Dreaming
  78.   Keep On Walking
  79.   Life's for the Living
  80.   Community Centre
  81.   Facebook
  82.   Divers & Submarines
  83.   David
  84.   Flight of the Crow
  85.   I See Love
  86.   Rainbows
  87.   Blind Love