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Pathology are a brutal American death metal band. The group's heavy sound combines gruesome shock imagery with hardcore influences, blastbeats, and distinctive gurgled vocals. Pathology formed in 2006 in San Diego, California at the behest of Dave Astor, founding member and drummer of grindcore act the Locust and death metal group Cattle Decapitation. Astor was joined by vocalists Levi Fuselier and Matti Way, both formerly of legendary California death metal act Disgorge, and guitarist Tim Tiszczenko in the original four-piece line up. Pathology quickly built up a following in their native San Diego and released their first recording -- a demo CD entitled Surgically Hacked -- within a few months of their formation. The group's first full length album, Incisions of Perverse Debauchery, was released in February of 2008 on Grindhead Records. Following the release of the album, Mason Gregory joined the band as a second guitarist and vocalist, replacing Fuselier. A second full album, Age of Onset, was released in June of the following year on Comatose Records. Age of Onset brought Pathology to the attention of large Chicago hardcore/metal label Victory Record, though not before the group parted company with vocalist Matti Way, who was briefly replaced by Pascual Romero. Romero's tenure with the band was short, and he was soon asked to leave in order to accommodate the return of Way along with the addition of bassist Oscar Ramirez. The group's third album, Legacy of the Ancients, was released on Victory Records in July of 2010. The band were involved in a serious van accident while on tour with Nile in late 2010, forcing them to pull out of the remainder of the tour. In 2011, Way once again parted company with the band and was replaced by former I Declare War frontman Jonathan Huber. Tim Tiszczenko also left the band briefly, and was replaced by Kevin Schwartz and Stephen Parker, but soon returned in Parker's stead to form a dual guitar partnership with Schwartz. In September of 2011, the band released their fourth full-length record, Awaken to the Suffering, on Victory Records. ~ Dave Donnelly
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  1.   Song
  2.   Imprisoned by Fear
  3.   A Bleak Future
  4.   Corporate Harvest
  5.   Postmortem Dissection
  6.   Dies Irae…
  7.   Humanity's Cesspool
  8.   Festering in Filth
  9.   Defiled Autopsy Remnants
  10.   Dissection of Origins
  11.   Rid the Womb
  12.   Servitors
  13.   Lamentation
  14.   Dissected by Righteousness
  15.   Zodiac Principles
  16.   Intro
  17.   Afterlife
  18.   Torment in Salvation
  19.   Tyrannical Decay
  20.   Creation of Mass Destruction
  21.   Vermilion
  22.   Putrescent
  23.   Dissevered
  24.   Oppression by Faith
  25.   Opposing Globalization
  26.   Media Consumption
  27.   The Extinction of Flesh
  28.   Saturn Brotherhood
  29.   Code Injection
  30.   Lycantropy of Dead Flesh
  31.   Abduction
  32.   Cultivating Humanity
  33.   Methods Thru Divination
  34.   Necrotic Prayers For Genocide
  35.   Sect of Malpractice
  36.   Tower of Babel
  37.   Empire
  38.   Earth's Downfall
  39.   Emesis
  40.   Excisions
  41.   Hostility Towards Confomity
  42.   Among Skinwalkers
  43.   Dolorous
  44.   Ingestion of Creation
  45.   Shudder
  46.   Age of Onset
  47.   Among Giants
  48.   A Perverse Existence
  49.   Remnants of Freedom
  50.   Blessed Through Suffering
  51.   Reborn To Kill
  52.   Symptoms of Bleeding
  53.   Legacy of the Ancients
  54.   Society's Desolation
  55.   Reign from Above
  56.   Ascending Below
  57.   Autumn Cryptique
  58.   Pathogens of Cystic Decay
  59.   Litany
  60.   Mountain of the Dead
  61.   Doth
  62.   Cyst Excise
  63.   Its in the Blood
  64.   Blood Runs
  65.   Asphyxiation Through Consumption
  66.   Collapsing in Violence
  67.   Revocation of Earth
  68.   Opprobrium
  69.   Dead Commandments
  70.   Prolonging the Suffering
  71.   Gestation Begins
  72.   Incisions of Perverse Debauchery
  73.   Eviscerated Human Torso
  74.   Lords of Rephaim
  75.   Distorted Conscious
  76.   Path of the Divine
  77.   The Everlasting Plague

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