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Patrick Wolf

Violinist/singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf began experimenting with sound at the age of 11. While his peers were exploring the frivolity of youth, the precocious preteen was dabbling in four-track recording, eventually building an arsenal of instruments that included junk-shop organs and a home-built theremin. At the age of 14 he joined the pop art collective Minty, a venture that caught the eyes and ears of Fat Cat Records, which went on to supply the youth with a computer and mixing tools for aid in his newfound audio experimentation. He left home at the age of 16 and formed Maison Crimineaux, which eventually found its way to France, where the noisy duo played a show attended by electronic maestro Kristian Robinson (aka Capitol K), who went on to release Wolf's lauded 2003 debut. With Lycanthropy reaching number 39 in NME's top LPs of the year, as well as receiving critical acclaim throughout Europe and America, Wolf decided to study composition at the Trinity College Music Conservatoire. The results of that endeavor can be heard on his 2005 release, Wind in the Wires, a dark collection of moody British folk and chamber pop with a chilly laptop sheen. Wolf returned in 2007 with the colorful and eclectic Magic Position, and again in 2009 with the similarly themed Bachelor, both of which brought the artist near universal critical acclaim. ~ James Christopher Monger
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Patrick Wolf

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Patrick Wolf

Top Songs by
Patrick Wolf

  1.   Song
  2.   Pigeon Song
  3.   Time of My Life
  4.   Accident & Emergency
  5.   The Libertine
  6.   Demolition
  7.   Damaris
  8.   Bermondsey Street
  9.   The City
  10.   Thickets
  11.   Hard Times
  12.   Battle
  13.   A Boy Like Me
  14.   Bloodbeat
  15.   Jacobs Ladder
  16.   Theseus
  17.   The Sun Is Often Out
  18.   Ignis Fatuus
  19.   Gypsy King
  20.   Idumea
  21.   Overture
  22.   Kriegspiel
  23.   Peter Pan
  24.   House
  25.   Army of Me
  26.   The Future
  27.   Get Lost
  28.   X
  29.   Peacock Skies
  30.   Prelude
  31.   The Bachelor
  32.   Night Train
  33.   Together
  34.   Armistice
  35.   Lycanthropy
  36.   Secret Garden
  37.   Finale
  38.   Wind in the Wires
  39.   Tristan
  40.   Epilogue
  41.   Magpie
  42.   Augustine
  43.   Shadow Sea
  44.   Bitten
  45.   Childcatcher
  46.   The Messenger
  47.   Blackdown
  48.   Souvenir
  49.   Don't Say No
  50.   The Falcons
  51.   Ghost Song
  52.   London
  53.   Oblivion
  54.   The Stars
  55.   William
  56.   To the Lighthouse
  57.   Count of Casualty
  58.   The Hazelwood
  59.   Enchanted
  60.   Railway House
  61.   Godrevy Point
  62.   Paris
  63.   Vulture
  64.   The Bluebell
  65.   Lands End
  66.   Slow Motion
  67.   This Weather
  68.   Who Will?
  69.   Bluebells
  70.   Eulogy
  71.   Wolf Song
  72.   The Days
  73.   Apparition
  74.   Penzance
  75.   Teignmouth
  76.   The Magic Position

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