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Patrick Watson

Though he was born in California, Canadian singer and pianist Patrick Watson was raised outside Montreal, in Hudson, Quebec, singing in local church choirs as a boy, studying jazz and classical piano performance, composition, and arrangement, and singing and playing keyboards in the ska band Gangster Politics in high school. Watson left the band after graduating and began to explore other types of music, including electronica and ambient. He released Waterproof9 in 2001, an experimental music accompaniment to a photo book by Brigitte Henry titled Waterproof. In 2002, after returning from a trip to Vietnam, he decided to start a four-piece chamber pop group, bringing in bassist Mishka Stein, drummer Robbie Kuster (both of whom he had met at university), and former Gangster Politics guitarist Simon Angell. The group (which was technically a solo project with a backing band) released Just Another Ordinary Day independently and began performing around Canada, including at the 2005 Pop Montreal Festival, a show that led to the formation of Secret City Records, the label that issued Watson's sophomore album, Close to Paradise (which featured the same band), in the fall of 2006, with a release in the U.S. the following year. Watson's third full-length album, Wooden Arms, arrived in spring 2009, and was nominated for that year's Polaris Music Prize. The emotional yet pared-down Adventures in Your Own Backyard followed in 2012, and the ambient-leaning Love Songs for Robots arrived in spring 2015. The latter featured prior collaborator Joe Grass on guitar in place of Angell. ~ Marisa Brown
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Patrick Watson

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Patrick Watson

  1.   Song
  2.   Adventures in Your Own Backyard
  3.   Blackwind
  4.   Into Giants
  5.   Bollywood
  6.   Brigitte's Theme
  7.   Silent City
  8.   Lighthouse
  9.   Fall
  10.   Know That You Know
  11.   Bright Shiny Lights
  12.   The Red Dress
  13.   Machinery of the Heavens/Outro
  14.   Shame
  15.   Forbidden Kiss
  16.   The Darkest Place
  17.   Good Morning Mr. Wolf
  18.   Swimming Pools
  19.   Words in the Fire
  20.   Tracy's Waters
  21.   Man Like You
  22.   Giver
  23.   Luscious Life
  24.   Man Under the Sea
  25.   The Great Escape
  26.   Sleeping Beauty
  27.   Just Another Ordinary Day
  28.   Woods
  29.   Down at the Beach
  30.   Hearts
  31.   Hypnosis
  32.   Before I Met Your Father
  33.   Mr. Tom
  34.   Creature in the Hallways
  35.   Where the Wild Things Are
  36.   Machinery of the Heavens
  37.   Things We Do
  38.   Morning Sheets
  39.   Step Out for a While
  40.   A Hamster's Death
  41.   Nine Lives
  42.   Big Bird in a Small Cage
  43.   Helicopter
  44.   Close to Paradise
  45.   Clouds
  46.   Dead for Two Hours
  47.   The Bridge
  48.   Sunday
  49.   Places You Will Go
  50.   Turn Into the Noise
  51.   The Storm
  52.   Love Songs For Robots
  53.   Traveling Salesman
  54.   Resurrection
  55.   Fireweed
  56.   Wooden Arms
  57.   Strange Crooked Road
  58.   Mary
  59.   Louis Drax
  60.   The Quiet Crowd
  61.   Alone In This World
  62.   Weight of the World
  63.   Underwater to Cave
  64.   In Circles
  65.   Noisy Sunday
  66.   Drifters
  67.   Grace
  68.   Beijing
  69.   Gealman
  70.   Hommage
  71.   Slip Into Your Skin
  72.   Daydreamer
  73.   The 9th Life of Louis Drax
  74.   Gnossienne 1
  75.   Firweed
  76.   Interference From the Sky
  77.   Hearts in the Park
  78.   Sit Down Beside Me
  79.   Summer Sleeps
  80.   Gordon
  81.   Je te laisserai des Mots

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