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Paul Collins

An important early figure on the Los Angeles power pop scene, Paul Collins was a key member of two bands that anticipated the "skinny tie band" explosion of the late '70s and early '80s, the Nerves and the Beat. Born in New York City, Collins' father was a civilian who worked with the U.S. military, a job that kept his family on the move, and young Paul spent time in Greece, Vietnam, and Europe before ending up back in Manhattan at the age of 14. After graduating from high school, Collins studied composition at the Juilliard School of Music, but listening to AM radio and seeing shows at the Fillmore East had a greater impact on him, and in the early '70s he moved to California to pursue his musical vision of short, punchy rock songs with copious hooks. In 1974, Collins met like-minded songwriters Peter Case and Jack Lee, and they formed a pioneering power pop band called the Nerves. Playing fast, ear-catching pop songs while wearing matching pink suits, the Nerves had more than a bit of the street energy that would later manifest in Los Angeles' early punk movement, and like the punks, the Nerves made their own opportunities when L.A. clubs didn't know what to make of them. The Nerves booked their own shows, did a nationwide tour of small venues on their own dime, and in 1976 put out a four-song 7" EP on their own label. While Blondie would have an early hit with a Nerves cover, "Hanging on the Telephone," the band broke up in 1978, and not long afterward Collins set out to form a new band. Hooking up with bassist Steve Huff, former Milk 'n' Cookies drummer Mike Ruiz, and guitarist Larry Whitman, Collins formed the Beat, whose tight, wiry hard-rockin' pop tunes picked up where the Nerves left off. Championed by Eddie Money, the Beat landed a management deal with West Coast rock powerhouse Bill Graham and a record contract with Columbia, releasing their first album (simply called The Beat) in 1979. While reviews were positive, for the most part American radio was still closed to "new wave" bands, and when the Knack broke through later the same year, it didn't help that the Knack sounded more than a little bit like the Beat -- leading some to believe Collins was copying a style he had helped to invent. It wasn't until 1982 that Collins was able to release a follow-up, and thanks to the burgeoning popularity of the British ska band the Beat, The Kids Are the Same was credited to Paul Collins' Beat. Despite extensive touring, the album fared poorly with record buyers, and Columbia dropped the band; their next record, 1983's To Beat or Not to Beat, was an EP for the independent Passport label. The disc also featured a new lineup of the band, with only Steve Huff remaining with Collins from the first album, and another indie EP with a new version of the band, Long Time Gone, appeared in 1985. After a final studio album credited to Paul Collins & the Beat, 1989's One Night, Collins struck out on his own and released a pair of fine country-rock albums, 1992's Paul Collins and 1993's From Town to Town. By this time, Collins' work (especially his recordings with the Beat) had earned him a sizable fan following in Spain, and a live album from a Spanish tour came out in 1997 (a Spanish Beat gig was also given the live LP treatment in 1986). In 2000, Collins released a new album in Spain, and a new edition of the Beat toured the country in 2005, with a live album from the jaunt in the works. The full-length album Ribbon of Gold followed in 2008. In 2010, Collins returned with the tongue-in-cheek-titled King of Power Pop!, a return to the sound of the Nerves and the Beat recorded in Detroit with producer Jim Diamond. Collins toured extensively in support of the album, and returned to Detroit to record the like-minded follow-up, 2014's Feel the Noise. ~ Mark Deming
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Paul Collins

  1.   Song
  2.   More Than Yesterday
  3.   Parlez Vous Français?
  4.   Afton Place
  5.   Smile Boy
  6.   I Still Want You
  7.   Off the Hook
  8.   Can't Get You Off My Mind
  9.   Reach Out I'll Be There
  10.   Rock 'N' Roll Shoes
  11.   Walk Away
  12.   Hey DJ
  13.   Losing Your Cool
  14.   Hurting's on My Side
  15.   All Over Town
  16.   A Girl Like You
  17.   You Belong With Me
  18.   You Tore Me Down
  19.   F.D.R.
  20.   Many Roads to Follow
  21.   I Go Black
  22.   Big Pop Song
  23.   I Need My Rock N' Roll
  24.   You Won't Be Happy
  25.   All Eyes To See
  26.   C'mon Let's Go!
  27.   Work-A-Day-World
  28.   Working Too Hard
  29.   Will You Be a Woman
  30.   Paco & Juan
  31.   Flown Away
  32.   Bobby
  33.   Only Girl
  34.   Ribbon of Gold
  35.   Silly Love
  36.   Little Suzy
  37.   Without You
  38.   Don't Blame Your Troubles on Me
  39.   Dreaming
  40.   With a Girl Like You
  41.   Doin' It for the Ladies
  42.   Feel the Noise
  43.   Don't Know How To Treat a Lady
  44.   Helen
  45.   Walking Out on Love
  46.   Kings of Power Pop
  47.   The Letter
  48.   Falling in Love with Her
  49.   Baby I Want You
  50.   I'm on Fire
  51.   Flying High
  52.   Baby I'm In Love With You
  53.   She Doesn't Want to Hang Around with You
  54.   Down
  55.   This Is America
  56.   Do You Wanna Love Me?
  57.   All Over the World by The Beat
  58.   Always Got You on My Mind
  59.   In Another World
  60.   Under the Spanish Sun
  61.   Going Down Again
  62.   It's Gonna Be a Long Time
  63.   Some Kind of Love
  64.   It's Not Easy Being Poor
  65.   Kindness of Strangers
  66.   The Engagement
  67.   I'm Getting Married
  68.   Dark Side
  69.   In Your Eyes
  70.   Say a Prayer
  71.   I've Had Enough
  72.   Hanging on the Telephone
  73.   Lost Again
  74.   Let's Go
  75.   She Says She Loves Me
  76.   Find Somebody Lese
  77.   Too Young
  78.   Please Stay
  79.   Girl from NYC
  80.   Rock and Roll Girl
  81.   For All Eyes To See

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