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Peaches (Merrill Nisker) burst into transcontinental favor with her very particular brand of cocksure rapping and groovebox beats. Though she came from an underground cauldron of acoustic folk (Mermaid Café), avant-garde jazz (Fancypants Hoolum), and deconstructed noise swarms (the Shit), it wasn't until 2000 that her fearless, political gender play truly raised heads. European trawls unearthed new admirers, and collaborations with the equally lewd Chilly Gonzales certainly fueled the fire for her first solo effort. By the time she signed with Berlin's Kitty-Yo label and unleashed The Teaches of Peaches, her niche had already been carved out: Peaches sounded like a Penthouse Forum together with Grandmaster Flash, Shirley Manson, and Charles Manson. She soon moved to XL, which reissued The Teaches of Peaches in 2002 and released Fatherfucker in 2003 and Impeach My Bush in 2006. For 2009's I Feel Cream, Peaches worked with Simian Mobile Disco and took her sound in a more electronic, eclectic direction. Nisker then took an extended break from recording, instead appearing in a one-woman version of Jesus Christ Superstar entitled, naturally, Peaches Christ Superstar. Other projects included the meta rock opera Peaches Does Herself, which chronicled her rise to fame, and the book What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches, which documented her between-album work. She returned to the studio with longtime producer Vice Cooler as well as guests such as Kim Gordon, Feist, and Simonne Jones for 2015's Rub, a set reflecting the directions dance and hip-hop had taken in the six years since her last album. ~ Dean Carlson
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  1.   Song
  2.   Boys Wanna Be Her
  3.   Fuck the Pain Away
  4.   I Feel Cream
  5.   Burst!
  6.   Vaginoplasty
  7.   Sex (I'm A)
  8.   Diddle My Skittle
  9.   Dumb Fuck
  10.   Free Drink Ticket
  11.   Operate
  12.   Suck and Let Go
  13.   Dick in the Air
  14.   Serpentine (I Don't Give a... Pt. 2)
  15.   Downtown
  16.   Casanova
  17.   AA XXX
  18.   Felix Partz
  19.   Hot Rod
  20.   Bodyline
  21.   How You Like My Cut
  22.   Pickles
  23.   Close Up
  24.   Unzip Me
  25.   Trick or Treat
  26.   Talk to Me
  27.   Mud
  28.   More
  29.   Get It
  30.   Slippery Dick
  31.   Fuck or Kill
  32.   Bag It
  33.   Back It Up, Boys
  34.   I U She
  35.   Set It Off by Ministry of Sound
  36.   Rock Show
  37.   Lovertits
  38.   Sick in the Head
  39.   Rub
  40.   Hanky Code
  41.   Relax
  42.   Lose You
  43.   Do Ya
  44.   Give 'Er
  45.   Two Guys (For Every Girl)
  46.   Hit It Hard
  47.   Felix Partz Remake
  48.   The Inch
  49.   Stuff Me Up
  50.   Kick It by Iggy Pop
  51.   I'm the Kinda
  52.   I Don't Give a ...
  53.   Keine Melodien
  54.   Light in Places
  55.   Baby Think It Over
  56.   Substitute
  57.   I Mean Something
  58.   Next To You
  59.   Turn It On
  60.   Take You On
  61.   Mommy Complex
  62.   Search and Destroy
  63.   Stick It to the Pimp
  64.   You Love It
  65.   Rock the Shocker
  66.   Rock 'N' Roll by Freedom & Whiskey
  67.   Shake Yer Dix by Mignon Baer
  68.   Tombstone, Baby
  69.   Cum Undun
  70.   Sucker
  71.   Tent in Your Pants
  72.   Show Stopper
  73.   Billionaire
  74.   D.I.V.A. Radio (Interlude)
  75.   I'm Your Puppet
  76.   Lovertits
  77.   Boy Wanna Be Her
  78.   Rosa Helikopter
  79.   Set It Off
  80.   F*** The Pain Away
  81.   Redneck Sex
  82.   F*ck The Pain Away
  83.   Rock Show by Steve Keeping
  84.   Cum Undun by Steve Keeping
  85.   Sucker by Steve Keeping
  86.   Let Me Go
  87.   Smile For Me
  88.   Jinglebells