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The secretive instrumental art metal outfit Pelican was formed in Chicago by guitarists Trevor de Brauw and Laurent Lebec, as well as bassist Larry Herweg and his sibling drummer, Bryan. Owing a great debt to pioneering forefathers Neurosis and often compared to Boston's Isis, Pelican coincidentally also found a home at Isis mastermind Aaron Turner's Hydra Head Records. After making their debut with an eponymous four-song EP in 2003, Pelican expanded their epic, otherworldly trance-metal with 2003's critically acclaimed Australasia, followed in 2004 by The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw. After heavy touring, the quartet took a much-deserved break. They returned to the studio in 2006 and released City of Echoes in June 2007, followed by the live CD/DVD After the Ceiling Cracked later that December. What We All Come to Need, the band's fourth studio effort, appeared in 2009. While an EP, Ataraxia/Taraxis, arrived in 2012, that year would see the departure of Laurent Lebec, who was replaced by touring guitarist Dallas Thomas. Carrying on with a new lineup, the band released their fifth full-length, Forever Becoming, in 2013. In 2015, Pelican released the Cliff EP. It featured the album tracks in four different versions, including remixes from Justin Broadrick, Aaron Harris, and Bryant Clifford Meyer. It also included a vocal version featuring Allen Epley and a previously unreleased track, the semi-acoustic "The Wait." ~ Eduardo Rivadavia & Thom Jurek
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  1.   Song
  2.   Red Ran Amber
  3.   The Wait
  4.   Last Day of Winter
  5.   Drought
  6.   City of Echoes
  7.   Aurora Borealis,
  8.   Ephemeral
  9.   The Creeper
  10.   Vestiges
  11.   Pulse
  12.   Threnody
  13.   Embedding the Moss
  14.   Strung Up From the Sky
  15.   Specks of Light
  16.   An Inch Above Sand
  17.   Pink Mammoth
  18.   Spaceship Broken - Parts Needed
  19.   Lost in the Headlights
  20.   Sirius
  21.   Autumn into Summer
  22.   Forecast for Today
  23.   What We All Come To Need
  24.   March to the Sea
  25.   Australasia
  26.   Winds with Hands
  27.   Mammoth
  28.   Geometry of Murder
  29.   Dead Between the Walls/Mammoth
  30.   The Cliff
  31.   Immutable Dusk
  32.   The Tundra
  33.   Deny the Absolute
  34.   Bliss in Concrete
  35.   Far from Fields
  36.   Dead Between the Walls
  37.   A Delicate Sense of Balance
  38.   Ran Amber
  39.   GW
  40.   Angel Tears
  41.   Nightendday
  42.   The Woods
  43.   Glimmer
  44.   Ataraxia
  45.   Perpetual Dawn
  46.   Terminal
  47.   Taraxis
  48.   Parasite Colony
  49.   Final Breath
  50.   Lathe Biosas

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