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Periphery started in 2005 as the recording project of guitarist and producer Misha Mansoor. Mansoor had already made a name for himself in the progressive metal community through his production abilities with his project Bulb. He created Periphery as an evolution of his earlier work, taking the music out of the studio and onto the road; he fleshed out the band with a lineup that included guitarists Alex Bois and Jake Bowen, bassist Tom Murphy, drummer Matt Halpern, and, after running through a few vocalists, singer Spencer Sotelo. With a sound that pushes at the boundaries of progressive metal, Periphery are at the forefront of the "djent" movement, utilizing detuned, extended range instruments to create a sound that’s as technically dizzying as it is heavy, joining in with the growing ranks of bands that are taking the framework laid down by bands like Meshuggah and running wild with it. Periphery released their self-titled debut in 2010 on Sumerian, then quickly went out on the road, touring the U.S. and Canada, as well as making stops in Australia and the U.K. The following year, the band released their first EP, Icarus. Leading up to 2012's Periphery II: This Time It's Personal, Mark Holcomb replaced Bois on guitar and Adam Getgood replaced Murphy on bass. The album earned positive reviews from critics, and debuted just outside the Top 40 on the main Billboard albums chart. By 2015, the band had readied a double album for Sumerian. Comprising two halves, Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega both appeared on the same day in January 2015, earning yet more positive reviews for the band and even higher chart placements, topping out at number 22 on Billboard. ~ Gregory Heaney
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Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Marigold
  3.   22 Faces
  4.   Flatline
  5.   Icarus Lives
  6.   Jetpacks Was Yes
  7.   Insomnia
  8.   Graveless
  9.   Alpha
  10.   Habitual Line-Stepper
  11.   Absolomb
  12.   The Price is Wrong
  13.   Light
  14.   The Walk
  15.   Totla Mad
  16.   Feed the Ground
  17.   Epoch
  18.   Luck as a Constant
  19.   Make Total Destroy
  20.   Letter Experiment
  21.   The Bad Thing
  22.   Rainbow Gravity
  23.   Passenger
  24.   Far Out
  25.   Ragnarok
  26.   Racecar
  27.   All New Materials
  28.   Zero
  29.   Erised
  30.   Scarlet
  31.   Ow My Feelings
  32.   Omega
  33.   Hell Below
  34.   The Event
  35.   Heavy Heart
  36.   MK Ultra
  37.   Have a Blast
  38.   Frak the Gods
  39.   Buttersnips
  40.   Reprise
  41.   Four Lights
  42.   The Scourge
  43.   A Black Minute
  44.   Extraneous
  45.   The Parade of Ashes
  46.   The Summer Jam
  47.   Overture
  48.   Masamune
  49.   Mile Zero
  50.   Froggin' Bullfish
  51.   Ji
  52.   Facepalm Mute
  53.   Muramasa
  54.   New Groove
  55.   Captain On
  56.   Zyglrox
  57.   Priestess
  58.   Psychosphere
  59.   Only if for a Night
  60.   Pale Aura
  61.   The Gods Must Be Crazy!
  62.   Jetpacks Was Yes! (V2.0)
  63.   Eureka
  64.   Stranger Things
  65.   Behind the Scenes: Making of the Icarus Lives Music Video
  66.   Juggerdoc
  67.   Bonus Content
  68.   [Bonus Material]
  69.   Luck as Constant
  70.   The Heretic Anthem
  71.   Priestless
  72.   Motormouth
  73.   The Way the News Goes...
  74.   Remain Indoors
  75.   Catch Fire
  76.   Prayer Position
  77.   Lune

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