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Plain White T's

Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, the punk-pop outfit Plain White T's began taking shape in 1997, a full ten years before the acoustic ballad "Hey There Delilah" made them Grammy-nominated stars. Lead singer Tom Higgenson was originally fascinated with the drums, having served as the percussionist for various rock bands during high school. One such band was Harvey's Daughter, whose lineup also featured bass player Ken Fletcher. Although the group disbanded, the two remained friends and quickly launched a different band, with Higgenson taking over lead duties as songwriter and singer. Drummer Dave Tirio also joined the new lineup, bringing Plain White T's to fruition during the fall of 1997. Performances in various Chicago clubs earned the band a small but devout following. In the summer of 1999, Higgenson was nearly killed in a car accident; the crash resulted in a ruptured kidney and lacerated lung. However, the event also left him with a newfound dedication to songwriting, and the band began making quick progress as a result, self-releasing Come on Over in 2001 and signing with Fearless Records for the release of Stop in 2002. Although plagued by lineup shifts during the supporting tour, Plain White T's still found time to record All That We Needed, which hit shelves in early 2005. By that point, the band's roster had solidified with a lineup comprised of vocalist Higgenson, guitarists Tirio and Tim Lopez, drummer De'Mar Hamilton, and bassist Mike Retondo. The band then participated in the 2005 Take Action tour alongside groups like Sugarcult and Head Automatica before joining up with Motion City Soundtrack for tour dates in 2006. The enhanced EP Hey There Delilah was released that May, containing versions of the titular ballad (originally issued on All That We Needed), along with four new songs and music videos. The band's work ethic and promising songcraft earned Plain White T's a new contract with Hollywood Records, and Every Second Counts, their hook-laden debut for the label, appeared in September 2006. The band returned to the road soon after, but fortunes improved as "Hey There Delilah" gathered steam on radio stations across the U.S. By the following summer, the song had topped the charts in ten different countries and helped jump-start sales of Every Second Counts (which, incidentally, only featured "Hey There Delilah" in enhanced versions of the record). Plain White T's received two Grammy nominations for the song, and the band returned in 2008 with Big Bad World -- a return-to-form effort featuring the band's usual mix of spunky energy and pop/rock craft. In 2010, Plain White T's released the song "The Rhythm of Love," featuring lead vocals from guitarist Tim Lopez. Built upon a laid-back acoustic sound, it was the first single from the band's sixth studio album, The Wonders of the Younger, which was released that December; the album peaked at 149, a downturn from its predecessor's 33. The band then took some time off, starting to return to action with the 2013 EP Should've Gone to Bed before delivering the full-length American Nights in April 2015. ~ Jason MacNeil & Andrew Leahey
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Plain White T's

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Plain White T's

  1.   Song
  2.   Hey There Delilah
  3.   1, 2, 3, 4
  4.   Rhythm of Love
  5.   Season of a Lifetime
  6.   Nuttin' for Christmas
  7.   Hate (I Really Don't Like You)
  8.   Boomerang
  9.   Our Time Now
  10.   Song 2
  11.   Sunlight
  12.   The Giving Tree
  13.   Our Song
  14.   A Lonely September
  15.   Revenge
  16.   All That We Needed
  17.   Write You a Song
  18.   Stay
  19.   What If
  20.   Never Working
  21.   Helium
  22.   Killer
  23.   Map of the World
  24.   Making a Memory
  25.   Sad Story
  26.   Anything
  27.   Penny (Perfect for You)
  28.   Leavin'
  29.   Stop
  30.   Land of the Living
  31.   Here Come That Sunrise
  32.   American Nights
  33.   Should've Gone To Bed
  34.   Cirque Dans la Rue
  35.   Airplane
  36.   Make It Up as You Go
  37.   Meet Me in California
  38.   That Girl
  39.   Serious Mistake
  40.   Big Bad World
  41.   Let Me Take You There
  42.   Figure It Out
  43.   Tearin' Us Apart
  44.   So Damn Clever
  45.   Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk
  46.   You and Me
  47.   It's So Easy
  48.   Easy Way Out
  49.   Lazy Day Afternoon
  50.   My Only One
  51.   Take Me Away
  52.   Radios in Heaven
  53.   Your Fault
  54.   Shine
  55.   Please Don't Do This
  56.   Time to Move On
  57.   Love Again
  58.   You Belong
  59.   Heavy Rotation
  60.   Pause
  61.   Haven't Told Her
  62.   Broken Record
  63.   Body Parts
  64.   Irrational Anthem
  65.   Poor Jack
  66.   Someday
  67.   Rainy Day
  68.   Cinderella Story
  69.   Come Back to Me
  70.   If I Told You
  71.   Losing Myself
  72.   Down the Road
  73.   What More Do You Want
  74.   Breakdown
  75.   Can't Turn Away
  76.   Fireworks
  77.   Welcome to Mystery
  78.   Bruises
  79.   Someday You're Gonna Love Me
  80.   Dance Off-Time
  81.   Wonders of the Younger
  82.   Last Breath
  83.   I Really Want You
  84.   Let's Pretend
  85.   Last Call
  86.   Faster
  87.   Pet Sematary
  88.   Happy Someday
  89.   When I See an Elephant Fly
  90.   Gimme a Chance
  91.   Sing My Best
  92.   Natural Disaster